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AgfaPhoto APX 100 PROF 135-36 B&W

Films from the AgfaPhoto APX range are professional black-and-white films with high resolution and fine grain. They meet every requirement for precisely detailed documentation or stills of high aesthetic quality. But AgfaPhoto APX also expressively reproduces scenes of rapid action or moments of quiet. The arguments for this film are convincing: an even image on homogeneous surfaces, extremely sharp outlines, no breaks in critical areas of the motif, flexible speed and contrast, exemplary grey balance.
APX 100 is universally suitable for all professional applications. Thanks to its fine grain and wide range of exposure, it produces striking images with excellent sharpness and contrast. The strengths of APX 100 are apparent in diverse fields: architecture, landscape, documentation and still-life.

AgfaPhoto APX 400 Professional 135-36 Black and White Negative Film


The AgfaPhoto APX 400 Professional 135-36 Black and White Negative Film is a high speed black and white film for producing prints using a traditional black and white printing process. The film exhibits a high nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27° and can effectively be pushed to ISO 1600/33° for use in low-light conditions and with fast-moving subjects.


Standard development in black and white chemistry yields a fine grain texture with high resolution and tonal latitude. The film also responds to push and pull development; however testing is recommended prior to shooting.


This item is a 36-exposure roll of 35mm (135) film.



Film Type – Black and white negative film

Film Format – 135-36 cartridge (36 exposures, 35mm double-edge perforation)

Sensitivity – ISO 400/27°

Process – Standard black and white chemistry

Granularity – RMS 14.0 (x 1000)

Resolving Power – Contrast 1000:1

 110 lines/mm

Layer Thickness – 10 ?m
Base – 120 ?m