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Brown/Copper Toning Concentrate Solution


Brown/Copper Toning Concentrate Solution Makes 32 oz.

BERG BROWN/COPPER Toning Solution is a single bath solution used for toning black and white prints or films, having no offensive odor. The tonal range is very long, giving initially a warming effect, then a brown tone, followed by a sepia and flesh, and finally a deep metallic copper tone. The actual tone produced depends on the length of time of toning and the photographic material.



Berg Dehardener Concentrate Solution


The Berg Dehardener Solution softens your papers emulsion which allows it to receive toners and retouching colors.Berg Dehardener Concentrate Solution Makes 128 oz.



Color-Toning System #2 10-Pc. Kit


Color-Toning System no. 2 includes: Two each 1 oz. bottles of Red no.1, Blue no.1 and yellow and one each 1 oz. bottle of Red no.2, Blue no.2, Green and Violet. Also included is a two part activator and a powdered concentrate clearing solution.Berg Color Toning System is a very versatile kit for color toning of black and white print or transparencies. The dye based system can produce a wide range of colors not available with metal salts type toners. Colors may be mixed to achieve just the right color desired. Works on all black and white photographic materials including film, fiber and resin coated papers and stabilization materials.