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Norris Cart Model 700 (Super Cart Series 770-3)


“The Model 7703 is a heavy duty telescoping cart that is widely used as is ro upgraded with unique click-n-go attachments for specialized applications. 400 pound capacity, weighs only 16 pounds. Load tray accommodates a wide range of sizes and shapes. S

Norris Cart Model 420 (Clipper Series 90-2E)


Model 902E features: 250 pound capacity and weighs only 13 pounds. Single motion squeeze handle telescopes cart closed for space-saving storage and portability. Sturdy parallel stair glides. Plastic saftey hooks. Guards in front of wheels protect soft ca

Norris Cart Model 450 (Clipper Series 94E)


“Lower tray and front wheels keep loads from tipping. Rear wheels fold up flush to the cart for easy storage. Rear wheels stabilize the load, takes the weight off you back and arms. Easily raise lower rear wheels with foot. Limited lifetime manufacturer’s

Norris Cart Model 710 (Super Cart Series 880-3)


“The Model 8803 combines the 7703 Super Cart with a unique click-n-go real wheel assembly that stabilizes loads and takes the weight burden off your arms and back. 400 pound capacity, weighs only 20 pounds. Rear wheels fold up flush to the cart for easy

Norris Cart Model 730 (Super Cart Series 1000-3)


The Model 1000-3 ‚ Hand Truck Cart ‚ is the combination of the 7703 Super Cart ‚ the rear wheel assembly of the 8803 and a clip-on upper tray to provide a level & stable platform for transporting ‚ demonstrating ‚ operating equipment such as computers ‚ A/V sy