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EKTACOLOR RA Bleach-Fix & Replenisher / To make 10 L


Kodak Ektacolor RA Chemistry is used in the processing of color prints RA-4 process, developed in, tray, drum, or rotary tube developing.

Use this Bleach-Fix NR for continuous processors with high utilization, it features a low replenishment rate. (It is not recommended for use in roller transport processors.)

Be especially careful not to contaminate the developer with bleach-fix; even minute amounts of bleach-fix can severely contaminate the developer.

To prevent developer contamination, use a separate mixing container for the developer.

Chemicals are supplied as all-liquid concentrates for easy mixing and handling

SDS Part A

SDS Part B

KODAK Professional FIXER – 1 gal



KODAK Professional FIXER – 1 gal

Key Features
  • Powder Fixer for B&W Film and Paper
  • Hardening Formula

Kodak Professional Fixer is a general-purpose hardening fixer for use with both black and white film and paper. Its powder formula has a long shelf life and mixes to make 1 gallon of working solution.



Kodak Professional Final Rinse and Replenisher, Process E-6 / to make 10 L