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45¼ bevel push type cutter with retractable blade holder.


  • Cut full bevel mats with this push style cutter
  • It is made of durable metal and can be used with either the left or right hand
  • Includes 1 mat cutter, 5 blades and detailed instructions
  • A start-and-stop indicator helps to eliminate overcuts
  • Caution, blades extremely sharp
  • 45¼ bevel pull type cutter. Adapts to rail kits and boards


  • Logan 4000 – Deluxe Handheld Mat Cutter
  • Logans most advanced handheld mat cutter
  • Includes a marker bar system for faster marking
  • Pivot-and-pull blade in our patented blade slot and an ergonomic handle
  • Blade slot prevents blade flex – resulting in straighter cuts
  • 3-Step Oval & Circle Mat Cutter


    Patented 3-step mechanism is fast, portable, very easy to use, and costs hundreds less than comparable oval cutters. Cuts perfect bevel openings without connecting to any other equipment. Cut single, double, or even triple mats. Adjusts from oval to circle cutter with a simple twist of the knob. Cut ovals from 3-1/4″ x 4-3/4″ (8.25cm x 12cm) to 20″x 23″ (51cm x 58cm) and circles from 4-3/4″ to 20″ (11.5cm x 51cm) diameter. Maximum difference between oval width and oval height is 3″ (7.62cm). Includes creative matting instructions and five extra blades. Uses Logan 324 blade.