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Omega Professional Stainless Steel Reel, 120mm


The professional reel for the 120mm film user.The professional reel for the 120 film user. Loads smoothly to prevent film kink with a film lock clip for easy threading. Holds all standard length 120 rolls (15, 12, 8 exp.). Use the 220 reels for longer rolls.

Omega Professional Stainless Steel Reel, 220mm


The only stainless steel reel to use for 220mm film.The only stainless steel reel to use for 220mm film. This reel has precise tolerances to ensure smooth easy loading. The heavy gauge coil construction prevents warping, guaranteeing a smooth easy load.

Omega Universal Tank with 2 adjustable reels


Universal Developing tank designed for processing of B&W or color film.Universal Developing tank designed for processing of B&W or color film, including reversal films that require a second exposure during processing. Tank body manufactured from impact-resistant plastic compounds, resistant to heat and watertight. Supplied with 2 self-feed multi-format spirals, allowing the simultaneous developing of 2 x 135mm or 126 films or one roll of 127, 120 or 220 format. Chemical solution requirements molded into base of the tank body.