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PEAK : 1302035IIB


Head Loupe #2035-II w/ right & left lenses

Peak Anastigmatic Loupe 4X w/ one scale


The 1990-4 Loupe with 4X magnifying power is specially designed to enable observers to simultaneously inspect the whole picture area of the standard micro-film size (i.e. 32mm x 45mm)or flat objects less than 58mm in diameter. The image observed through the loupe is critically sharp from the center to the edge of the image field, because of the careful optical correction of the loupe for the astigmatism and the curvature of the field as well as aberrations concerning the image of the central image. Ordinary magnifiers are corrected only for the central image. In this respect, this loupe is quite similar to anastigmatic photographic lenses, and is manufactured with the same care and precision. One point which distinguishes this loupe from photo-lenses is that the position of the effective pupil of the loupe has been placed as far as 25mm above the upper pole of the loupe; so that an observer can inspect the whole image field by merely moving his eyeball, without moving his face. This is an extremely advantageous feature for a micro-filmer, because it enables him to inspect a number of negatives very speedily and comfortably. The Peak 1990-7 Anastigmatic Loupe with 7X has taken over the optical system of Peak Anastigmatic Loupe 4X, improving the magnifying power as high as 7 times. You can use Anastigmatic Loupe 4X to check the whole picture area of film. In case only a part of the object is to be inspected with a higher magnifying power, Peak Anastigmatic Loupe 7X is the best for the job.A cross hair reticle metric scale is provided.1990-4XField of View: 58 mmEffective aperture: 30 mmMin scale division: 0.1 mmWorking distance 54mm

Peak Enlarging Focuser (Peak Model #2030)


Economical grain focuser designed with the type of quality as the other Peak focusers for superior accuracy in focusing.

Peak Loupe 15X


15x Loupe utilizes a three-element, two group achromatic optical glass construction. Bright, sharp, loupe with a 360 degree clear acrylic base to admit light from all directions a clear acrylic base to admit light from all directions. Focal Length = 21.8mmField of view = 19mm

Peak Loupe 22X


An Improved version of Peak Loupe 1964The loupe lens consists of two components, three element-construction. This newly design covers a wide visual field with distortion free viewing and clear magnification.Bright sharp image loupe with a 360 degree clear acrylic base to admit light from all directions. You will find this item to be convenient for the checking on various articles at a working sport.When you go for a walk with the 22x in your pocket, it will show you the wonders and beauty of nature. Magnification: 22xField of View: 12mmEffective Aperture: 12mmFocal Length = 12.4mmBase Thread P=0.7mm Replacement base, price noted below.

Peak Loupe 5X


5X Round Stand Magnifier – Aspheric lens for distortion-free viewing on the entire lens area. A powerful 5X aspheric lens is mounted in a pre-focused stand, allowing you to view a 60 mm area. Perfect for viewing color transparencies on a viewer or light box.

Peak Mini Comparater 7X


The Peak Mini Comparater 7X is a handy and accurate optical measuring instrument composed of a combination of lens and scale, similar to our highly reputed Peak Scale Lupes 7X and 10X. Compared with conventional magnifiers, the Mini Comparater 7X is smaller, more convenient for carrying and reasonably priced. The doublet type achromatic lens possesses a sharp and clear resolving power. Its focusing function is very smooth with the employment of a multiple-thread type screw.