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Scale for 1983 Loupe


P.S. No. 5 Reticle

Scale for 1983 & 2028 10X loupes

The scales inscribed

on the reticule are:

0 to 10mm Scale (0.1mm divisions)

10mm by 5mm Squares

Circles 0.05mm to 1.0mm diameter

Peak Enlarging Focuser (Peak Model #2030)


Economical grain focuser designed with the type of quality as the other Peak focusers for superior accuracy in focusing.

Peak Loupe 5X


5X Round Stand Magnifier – Aspheric lens for distortion-free viewing on the entire lens area. A powerful 5X aspheric lens is mounted in a pre-focused stand, allowing you to view a 60 mm area. Perfect for viewing color transparencies on a viewer or light box.

Peak Slide Holder and Punch for 2018


Puncher and Holder is a convenient accessory to be fitted to Loupe 8x. It is used for viewing and checking 35mm developed film and color slides. It is non-efficient and troublesome operation to determine the quality of a long roll of film by visual inspection and to affix marks using magic ink or scissors, but if you use a Loupe 8x equipped with this puncher and holder, you can depress the puncher and give a V-shaped cut to the film perforation, while you are viewing the film. Fit its surface, on which a push-button for marking is mounted in a slanted state, to the bottom of the Loupe 8x and you will be able to view and check roll of film. Fit its reverse side, which has grooves for inserting a slide mount, to the bottom of the Loupe 8x and you will able to view and check the slide.