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DHAP orange swabs medium format 42-44mm


Designed for digital back or medium format SLR such as Pentax 645 and Pentax 645Z

Compatible ONLY with CMOS Clean™ or VDust Plus™.

These medium format sensor cleaning swabs are suitable for cleaning

sensor of a digital back or medium format SLR cameras such as Pentax 645

and Pentax 645Z, Pentax 645D, Fujifilm GFX 50S, Hasselblad X1D.

VisibleDust has designed the new Digital Back Sensor Cleaning Swabs by

utilizing the same technology used to fabricate our regular DHAP Orange

sensor cleaning swabs. These swabs are custom designed to fit the large

sensor of the Digital Back CCD cameras and medium format digital SLR

cameras such as Pentax 645 and 645 Z, Pentax 645D, Fujifilm GFX 50S,

Hasselblad X1D. Patented.

These Swabs are to fit
42-44 mm CCD sensor size,
Pentax 645 and Pentax 645Z, Pentax 645D, Fujifilm GFX 50S, Hasselblad X1D

12 swabs per pack



Large Magic Cleaner Cloth

14.5 x 12″ lens cleaning cloth produced from ultra fine 0.1 denier


EZ Kit CurVswab- Regular Strength 1.0x NEW!!


Vswabs MXD-100 Green 1.0x / 24 mm (5), Vdust Plus (1.15 ml), Sensor Clean (1.15 ml), CurVswab long (1), CurVswab short (1)

Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe®


Quasar® R Sensor Loupe® Magnifier with Dark Adaptation Technology

What’s Inside

  • Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® with Dark Adaptation Technology (1)
  • CR2032 lithium batteries (2)
  • Foam coated hard case (1)


  • Dark Adaptation Technology (DAT)
  • Seven (7) white and seven 7 red super bright LEDs
  • 67 mm ring for attachment of filters and extension tubes
  • Fluorine coated (MgF2) ED Glass to enhance resolution and reduce chromatic aberration
  • Bright Vue technology to create a 3D representation

As a company based on utilization of scientific knowledge, VisibleDust is proud to introduce an original and innovative device called the Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® Magnifier with Dark Adaptation Technology.

This new device uses Dark Adaptation Technology (DAT) to enhance visual acuity to find dust and stains which are otherwise not visible in the presence of white light. Quasar® R comes with fourteen (14) bright LEDs, seven (7) of which are a unique red LEDs with specially chosen wavelengths to increase visibility of dust particles. At this specific wavelength, the red LEDs cause the iris to dilate the pupil as wide as possible, allowing more light into the eye so that sensitivity in photoreceptors is enhanced several fold. After only a few seconds of the pupil widening, you will be able to see the sensor more clearly, and in greater detail.

Dark Adaptation Technology description

Dark Adaptation Technology allows more light to enter to the pupil of the eye enhancing the ability to see the sensor more clearly.

The Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® Magnifier comes with a 5x magnification ED (extra low dispersion) glass and Fluorine coating (MgF2) to enhance resolution and reduce chromatic aberration.

Another feature of the Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® Magnifier is a 67 mm metal ring allowing filters and extension tubes for alternative photography to be attached.



Filters and tubes usage with Quasar R

The Bright Vue technology used in Quasar® R Sensor Loupe® Magnifier uses seven white or red super bright LEDs with vari-angled orientation specifically designed to create a 3D representation and identify even the smallest spots with heightened eye resolution.

Chamber Clean Swabs


Visible Dust Chamber Clean Swabs are designed to be the most effective in cleaning the DSLR chamber. They’re intended to be used with Visible Dusts’ Chamber Clean Solution. Constructed from polyester to prevent the fiber/fabric from tearing and leaving residue behind. The swabs are wide enough to fit in between the locking mechanism for lenses. 12 Swabs per package. Recommend 2 swabs per cleaning.


Visi Clean NEW!!!


Visi Clean™ ultra-thin microfiber cleaning cloth
for optics and camera lens –
320 mm x 380 mm | 12.6 x 15  


from ultra fine 0.1 denier microfibers for optimum softness and density

Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth are perfect for cleaning camera optics

such as lenses and viewfinders. These cloths absorb dirt, grease and

moisture more effectively than natural chamois leather, leaving a

spot-free finish without abrasions.

Lens is important and expensive part of digital camera. Sand, dust

and moist from environment are deposited on digital camera leans when

you do pictures outside. To avoid scratches use blower first after that

use special cloth with liquid for optical surfaces without alcohol.

It is recommended to use Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth in conjunction with Optix Clean™ optics cleaning liquid for all multi-coated optical surfaces for a comprehensive optical surface cleaning.


Sensor Brush Clean (8ml)


Specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with any brush with SCF (Super Charged Fiber) technology, whether it is the Arctic Butterfly « or any other Visible Dust Sensor Brush® Sensor Brush Clean is pH buffered to avoid extreme acidity or alkalinity so as to not affect the existing charges on the brush while safely cleaning any residual debris.