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CD/DVD Folio Box – Double – BROWN



  • Double CD clamshell folios are economical, non-archival boxes designed for storage or delivery of CDs/DVDs
  • Not recommended for long-term storage but an inexpensive alternative for giving CDs/DVDs to clients or friends
  • Clamshell design with a plastic insert to hold two CDs/DVDs
  • Perfect box to give to customers – attractive, professional and sturdy
  • Wrapped in slightly embossed brown paper

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IPHONE-6S Lite (green) for iPhone 6/6s



you ever bought multiple accessories for your smartphone, only to throw them

away when you upgrade to a new phone? The accessories become incompatible and

you end up having to buy the accessories all over again for your new phone. It

is a hassle and a waste of money.

The Ztylus Metal provides full body protection for your iPhone 6. With our

innovative disc mount system, multiple attachment options are at your disposal

with a single case. The integrated metal kickstand allows you to position your

iPhone for optimal viewing of your favorite videos, shows and movies.


cases are designed in the USA and precision engineered to fit your iPhone

perfectly. We CNC machine our parts for the best quality and consistency. All

products coming off the production line are treated with care and we hand

polish our metal parts to give them an outstanding shine.

The integrated metal kickstand can

be used in landscape orientation for a hands free experience when viewing

multimedia, managing photo slideshows, or displaying clocks and calendars.

The concept behind the Ztylus

product line is to create an entirely new platform around the smartphone. We

are redefining the utility of the smartphone case. With our innovative disc

mount system, multiple attachment options are at your disposal with a single

case. When the time comes to upgrade the phone, only the case needs to be

updated, as all attachments will still be functional due to our disc mount



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Background Aqua – 3/4 in. x 4 in. tube


Discover the diversity and satisfaction of direct image enhancement via hand applied altered techniques on prints film transparencies negatives and other surfaces. The merging of painting techniques with your own photographic imagery enables you to artistically attain the best of both worlds creating Colorful Creations to cherish yourself or share with others. Marshall products may be used alone in combination of any of these methods
• Toning-Airbrushing
• Overlaying of oil colors on toned retouched prints to produce other colored effects
• Applying Photo Pencils over in combination with Photo Oils
• Applying Photo Oil colors over Spot-All Dyes after liquid has dried
• Applying oils in a light to heavy range with brush palette knife.
• And always remember to prepare glossy prints with Marshalls Pre-Color Spray.

SDS – Safety Data Sheet

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Color Retouching Kit Refill Violet


The Berg Retouching Dye for Color Retouching and Hand Coloring are specially formulated colors that leave no surface residue on color or black and white prints and are stable in the presence of heat, light and humidity. These colors penetrate all photographic emulsions including fiber-based or resin-coated papers. 1oz bottle of retouching dye violet

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This Kodak 35mm One-Time-Use Disposable Camera with Flash comes pre-loaded with Kodak Gold ISO-800 speed film. Lightweight and compact, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Kodak Gold 800 film brings picture quality to a new level by combining the color quality, fine detail, and picture clarity of lower-speed films with the benefits of higher speed films. This film delivers extra sharpness and unsurpassed fine grain (among 800-speed films) for crisper, clearer pictures even when enlarged. Kodak Gold 800 produces consistently bright, vibrant colors across a wide range of lighting conditions. It provides accurate skin-tone reproduction for natural-looking “people pictures.”

The easy way to capture your memories.

  • Loaded with KODAK 800-speed film

  • Better pictures than 400-speed film
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Indoor/Outdoor use

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NEW! Invisible Carbon Formula MINIPRO


Featuring an ALL NEW DESIGN, the unique LensPen MiniPro, now with invisible carbon formula! features a fully retractable ultra fine brush and a flexible chamois tip. It uses a proprietary carbon based cleaning compound that won’t spill or dry out. With an improved replenishment cap to guarantee longer life, there’s truly nothing else like it on the market. The LensPen miniPro has won many awards for superior product design and usability.

The new MiniPro is a shorter version of the original MiniPro, and has been specifically
designed to fit into small digital camera bags.

Safe to use on all lenses
Flexible cleaning tip
Cleaning compound will not spill or dry out
Compact tip specially designed for small lenses and eyepieces
Reduces static build-up
Handy dust removal brush
Unique non-liquid compound
Fits easily into camera bag, purse or pocket
Length – 3.7
Weight – 3 oz.

How to Use Found Here.

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LensPen MicroPro safely and effectively cleans microcamera lenses. With it’s specially designed tip, it applies the LensPen compound to places its bigger brothers can’t reach. Retractable brush removes dust and the patented LensPen compound outperforms all other cleaning systems.

Specially shaped cleaning tip safely and effectively cleans micro camera lenses
Won’t scratch or damage lenses
Outperforms all other cleaning devices
Non-liquid cleaning compound won’t spill or dry out
Unique self-replenishing tip
Reduces static build-up
Handy dust removal brush

Find Instructions Here.

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The Linhof cable releases are ridiculously well made and built to last-one often encounters perfectly operational Linhof releases upon the secondhand market, manufactured more than half a century ago and with many thousands of exposures under their belt.  They have a particularly long, strong throw.  In fact, they are amongst a very short list of cable releases which can trigger Copal Press shutters(which release and cock again all in one action, requiring more force) with crisp reliability.

The 002431 is a 21″ (53 cm) cable release that helps prevent camera shake for super telephoto shots, macrophotography and bulb exposures.  Cable releases are also quite handy for taking pictures of difficult-to-approach subjects as well as minimizing vibrations with closeup and lengthy timed exposures.

Rotating nipple
Durable coated finish resistant to moisture & dust
Broad, well-contoured plunger design
Classic T-lock mechanism

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