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“A” Grip Clamp 1/2″


Black nylon “A” clamp holds almost everything without damage. Tip swivels 135 degrees to accomodate flat, uneven and round surfaces. Serrated edge to grip stands, booms, and pipe securely. Heat resistant.

“A” Grip Clamp 2″ Steel with Vinyl Tips and Grips


“A clamps hold almost anything without damage. Tip swivels 135° to accommodate flat, uneven and round surfaces. Serrated edge to grip stands, booms and pipe securely. Heat resistant.

2″ metal clamp with vinyl tips


(160-PC) “Wein TIP”-TO-PC Cord Replacement


This Wein 160PC is a “Wein Tip” to PC adapter cord that allows use of older Wein transmitters that don’t sport a locking foot.


(FFA) Replacement Foot/Slave for Vivitar


(FFA) REPLACEMENT FOOT/SLAVE FOR VIVITAR150'-range hot shoe slave with a plus: can be used to permanently repair broken flash foot on any Vivitar 283 or 285 flash unit. Features household-style sync terminal (automatically overrides slave), 1/4″-20 threaded socket, for tripod/lightstand mounting and hardware necessary to make Vivitar repairs. No hard-wiring necessary, installation requires only a #0 screwdriver.These batteryless, pulse light slaves are the handiest available. Simply slide them onto flash hot shoes, and that's it. Or, attach PC cord (not supplied) from flash to slave's PC terminal. “Surround Sync” design ensures omnidirectional performance. Slaves are cast in plastic for incredible durability and integrated with a precision, extruded aluminum housing for “bulletproof” design.


(HS) HotShoe Slave / Indoor Range 150′


Attach directly to foot of any shoe-mount flash for direct connection or connect a standard PC cord to the side mounted PC terminal. Features a standard foot on the bottom and 1/4-20″ standard tripod thread. Key Features Features built-in ambient light filter for outdoor use. Constructed of aircraft aluminum and solid epoxy; virtually indestructible. Integral 1/4″-20 threaded socket for tripod, monopod or light stand mounting. PC terminal for use with non-shoe flash units.





Wein L8 Features

  • The original battery-free photo slave
  • Range up to 150 feet.
  • Super-compact; smaller than a 35mm film cartridge
  • Standard “H”-prong connector



(PC-H) PC (FEMALE) TO “H”-PRONG ADAPTER A convenient converter that has a molded PC (female) plug and a molded standard “H”-prong female socket connected by a 9″ cord.



(PL) PHOTO-LOK TAPE MOUNTING SYSTEMA 36″ roll of incredibly strong and versatile, single part locking tape that works like Velcro but is several times stronger. Will not wear out and locks itself. It is waterproof and has a super-strong pressure sensitive (permanent) adhesive backing. Will safely hold 10 lbs. per square inch





version of the original “Peanut” slave. Standard PC sync connector
plugs directly into Vivitar 283/285 or connects to any other flash via
PC cord.

Range up to 300′ (91m).

Ambient light-filtered for outdoor use.




(SSHSHS) SAFE-SYNC HOT SHOE TO HOT SHOE Mounts Directly to camera hot shoe and has hot shoe on top for flash Safe Syncs safely reduce any electronic flash source from up to 400 volts to less than 6 volts to the camera sync input. This is absolutely mandatory for all high end and especially all Digital Cameras.




Heavy duty PC input protection from power packs or camera strobes. The SSMP safe sync reduces any mono-plug sync connected power pack sync voltage to the digital camera approved ssafesync level of 6V. The SSMP will safely reduce voltages from up to 400 volts.




(SSPC) SAFE-SYNC PC TO PC In-line pc to pc with coiled cord. Safe Syncs safely reduce any electronic flash source from up to 400 volts to less than 6 volts to the camera sync input. This is absolutely mandatory for all high end and especially all Digital Cameras.








For indoor and outdoor useage. A built-in ambient light filter prevents interference from bright sunlight or false-triggering from flickering fluorescents. With “H”-prong (Household) connector and female PC socket. Key Features:360 degree reception; even works around corners and behind obstacles! All Ultra slaves feature standard PC terminal as alternative sync connector.

*1/4-20 to 3/8 x 16 5/16″ LG., BRASS


Heavy Duty Brass Bushings 1/4″-20 to 3/8″-16 x 5/16″

*1/4-20 to 3/8″ Stud x 3/4″, St


Oversized aluminum, steel or brass. Lifetime limited warranty. Made in the USA 1/4″-20 to 3/8″ stud

*5/8″ Female to 3/8 Stud x 1


Oversized aluminum, steel or brass. Lifetime limited warranty. Made in the USA 3/8″ fem to 5/8″ male x1-1/2″

*Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 for Professional Photographer***CLOSEOUT***


Delve into the ultimate guide for professional photographers Harness the power and flexibility of the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, version 1.1, with this expert guide. Professional photographers David Huss and David Plotkin show you how to work smarter, faster, and more creatively with their personal tips, tricks, and techniques that you can incorporate into your own workflow. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 is a powerful tool that you can integrate into your existing workflow to increase your productivity and improve the overall quality of your work. With this ultimate resource by your side, youll learn how to:Organize, adjust, process, output, and share digital pictures like the top professionalsPersonalize Lightroom with a custom Identity plateSeamlessly transition between Lightroom and your favorite photo editorQuickly view and compare multiple shots, pairing selections down to your best work Correct images, adjust white balance, and fine-tune tone, balance, and exposure, crop and undoall without altering your originals!Automate your workflow by applying image adjustments to multiple photosOutput proof and contact sheets Develop, print and display your digital pictures for friends and clients, all the while saving valuable time Create slide shows and web postings And much more.. As you move from traditional separate image editing applications to this next generation software that was designed specifically for photographers, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 for the Professional Photographer unveils insider secrets and expert advice in this highly visual guide.David Huss is a professional photographer and author who has written more than 30 books. His work has been translated into eight languages.David Plotkin is a technical editor, photographer, and software writer who has written five books and numerous articles.The most comprehensive guide available on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, fully up-to-date with all of the new features of version 1.1 Learn how to integrate this powerful software into your own workflow to maximize your productivity Written by two industry experts and packed with inspiring images to show you what you can achieve with Lightroom 1.1 and this handy guide by your side!

*Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2, A Digital Photographer’s Guide


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has taken the photography world by storm! Let two industry experts, Dave Huss and David Plotkin, help you get up to speed fast with the all-new version 2.0 in this indispensable guide.

This complete reference for all users of Lightroom starts out with the basics, covering each available tool found in Lightroom with step-by-step clarity and then moves on to a more in-depth discussion of the most often used tools and techniques, so you can customize a workflow that best suits your own needs.

Start at the beginning to develop a complete set of Lightroom skills, or skip ahead to the sections that delve deeply into the tools you want to use immediately. Learn how to work smarter, faster, and more creatively to improve the overall quality of your work so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind your camera!


*Canon EOS 70D InBrief Camera Guide

Canon 70D inBrief Laminated Card
A Quick Field Reference for Your Camera Bag

A laminated reference card for your camera bag.

Your new Canon EOS 70D has many controls and settings designed to allow you to make a perfect exposure.

But remembering where they are and how the features work together can be daunting.

If you decide to carry the user manual in your bag, you may discover that finding the answer to your question can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. That is why Blue Crane Digital developed an abbreviated field reference guide for your digital SLR.

The inBrief reference card answers most camera operation questions quickly and easily. The information is arranged logically for ease of use. The reference card is laminated with foldable hinges so it lies flat and is easily stored in your camera bag.

The first panel contains a color-coded index to the rest of the panels. For instance, if you have a question about white balance, just check the index and find your answer on the purple panel. An overview of the information for each of the panels is listed below:

• Foldable, laminated hinges allow the inBrief to lie flat in your
  camera bag
• Answers the most common questions about camera operation
  and customization
• Index and panels are color coded for quickly finding your answer
• Laminated 100LB card stock resists wear and weather
• Eliminates the need to carry your camera manual

Once you have the inBrief reference card, you can leave your manual at home!

*Chest Strap

Quick View

*Chest Strap


Multi adjustable straps, 2 pivot points and quick release base allows camera to be worn on chest for a variety of activities. Quick release base for hand held camera use.  Universal mounting system is compatible with standard tripod mounts found on most cameras and also cameras with “GoPro style mount.  Model# CS-A.

*D CARRIER 35mm slide


35mm Mounted Slide Glassless Sandwich Film Carrier for D5-XL and Prolab II EnlargersFor special size openings, order the next smaller size and have a local machine shop modify the carrier.

*Digital Collage & Painting: Using Photoshop & Painter to Create


Digital Collage and Painting proudly showcases the work of twenty-one talented digital artists. Each artist walks you through the creation of a piece of their art and lets you in on their secrets about equipment, software, favorite papers, and how their creative process begins. The artists included are:Audrey Bernstein, Paul Biddle, Leslye Bloom, Stephen Burns, Luzette Donohue, Katrin Eismann, Paul Elson, Steven Friedman, Ileana meta Grillo, Bill Hall, Julieanne Kost, Rick Lieder, Bobbi Doyle-Maher, Ciro Marchetti, Lou Oates, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis, James G. Respess, Fay Sirkis, Jeremy Sutton, Maggie Taylor, Pep Ventosa* Discover how the computer can be used to paint on photographs, incorporating other visual materials into images*Learn from step-by-step examples for painting, collage, and panoramics * The associated website contains the art samples used in the book so that you can practice the different techiques

*Digital Colour in Graphic Design


by Ken Pender. A practical guide to handling color graphics on the desktop?from the scanning, creation and manipulation of images to processing from different color output devices.

Complete, practical guide to handling colour graphics on the desktop for Mac and PC – from the scanning, creation and manipulation of images to processing for different colour output devices. Keep this handy book on your desk to help you achieve more professional-looking results in colour for a wide variety of tasks.

An accompanying CD-ROM allows you to view practical examples of colour techniques in graphic design on the screen, demonstrating the techniques described in the book

*Essential Skills Series, Photoshop CS***CLOSEOUT***


The text is laid out to be exceptionally user-friendly for both staff and student alike. Learning outcomes (aims and objectives) make life easier for the academic and the text supports an independent learning approach, which makes the text highly suitable for flexible delivery.The latest title to join the Essential Skills series, Photoshop: Essential Skills uses a tried and tested curriculum, activities taken from actual student experiences to offer an in-depth coverage of the software for educational teaching and study. The text is laid out to be exceptionally user-friendly for both staff and student alike. Learning outcomes (aims and objectives) make life easier for the academic and the text supports an independent learning approach, which makes the text highly suitable for flexible delivery. Illustrative activities and assignments use student’s imagery and the terminology is kept as simple as possible using common usage and avoiding complicated explanations. The text will be supported by a web site, which will include QuickTime movies of the practical activities outlined in the text. Students can also see how the essential skills can be applied outside of the context of the individual activity by observing the work in the student galleries. CONTENTS: Foundations: The Digital darkroom; Basics; Capture enhance; Digital printing; Layers; Blend; Selections; Retouching; Special effects; Filters; Auto-features: Jargon buster Paperback: 352 pages; ISBN: 0240519515

*Focal Easy Guide to Photoshop CS2***CLOSEOUT***


If you dont know where to start in Photoshop and feel overwhelmed with the options, then this is the book for you. With highly visual step-by-step explanations, this concise guide gives you a solid grounding in using Photoshop to edit digital images and helps you develop a full understanding of the key tools and features of Photoshop CS2.Brad Hinkel guides you through a simple image editing workflow to get you up and running fast. If you want solutions quickly and easy access to any basic step of the workflow, this guide provides the essential knowledge you need. Filled with step-by-step projects and covering all the key new features of Photoshop CS2: Camera RAW, Reduce Noise, Smart Sharpen and Spot Healing Brush.* Understand the basics of Photoshop and learn the image editing skills you need with this simple, easy-to-use introduction* Clear, concise color coverage – written for Photoshop CS2, but relevant for all versions* Step-by-step techniques put image-editing into a practical workflow context

*Focusing Cloth Black 100% Cotton 36″x58″


For use with view cameras. Inserts behind the film holder to allow the user to view the ground glass. 100% cotton, white inside & black outside with velcro strips that allo w the cloth to close around the camera. includes velcro weights that keep the cloth from flying around in windy situations.