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Introduction to the GoPro Hero3+ – Basic Controls

Introduction to the GoPro Hero3+

Understanding the Video and Photography Controls

Shoot like a professional
with your new GoPro Hero3+! This camera can produce stunning videos and
photos, but understanding the menus, camera functions and mounting
options takes time. Our training system streamlines the learning process
so you can get outside and start shooting.

Your host, Chris
Park, demonstrates how to set up the GoPro and use it in a series of
real-world examples. His tips on settings, mounts, and accessories will
help you get the best results from the camera.

The topics in this presentation are organized in chapters, allowing you
to move at your own pace and return later to explore individual

Chris Park has been a professional photographer and videographer for
more than ten years. His focus on capturing artists and athletes in
motion will provide the viewer with a unique look into shooting with a

This DVD is for photographers who want an introduction to the GoPro’s
controls and settings, as well as an understanding of how to combine
specific shooting options for the best results.