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EKTACOLOR RA Developer Regenerator 12/55 / Part A / To A / To make 150 gal


Kodak Ektacolor RA Chemistry is used in the processing of color prints RA-4 process, developed in, tray, drum, or rotary tube developing.

This regenerator enables you to collect and reuse overflow from Ektacolor RA Developer 12. With this regenerator, you do not need to use ion-exchange equipment. This Developer Regenerator come in a size to prepare 150 gallons of replenisher from developer overflow.

Chemicals are supplied as all-liquid concentrates for easy mixing and handling.

SDS Part A

SDS Working Solution

Reversal Bath and Replenisher, Process E-6AR / To make 100 gal


Kodak E6 Processing Chemicals are used provide consistent, high-quality results when processing E6 transparency film, with a variety of processing methods and equipment.

These chemicals are ideal for processing Kodak Ektachrome, Kodak Professional Ektachrome, and Kodak Elite Chrome Films.

Process E-6 requires each of the following chemicals:

  • first developer,
  • reversal bath,
  • color developer,
  • pre-bleach,
  • bleach,
  • fixer, and
  • final rinse.

To mix this reversal bath: use the replenisher at 60 percent of the normal concentration (i.e., if the label instructions indicate 62 mL/L of concentrate, use 37 mL/L.

For in-line dilution replenishment systems, use the chemicals that contain the E-6AR (automatic replenishment) designation. Concentrates are generally packaged in 5-gallon flexible containers.

Process E-6AR, offers lower replenishment rates and reduced effluent.

DURAFLO RT Developer Sta Starter to make 22 gal.



  • Designed for roller-transport processors
  • Replenished systems
  • Produces fine grain
  • Long storage life
  • Good sheet-film transport
  • Liquid


  • T-MAX 100 / 100TMX
  • T-MAX 400 / 400TMY
  • T-MAX P3200 / P3200TMZ
  • PLUS-X 125 / 125PX
  • TRI-X 400 / 400TX
  • TRI-X 320 / 320TXP


Kodak Duraflo RT Developer Starter is designed to provide moderately fine grain, good process stability, and better resistance to aerial oxidation.

This developer features a hardener to prevent emulsion damage in the first developer tank of a roller-transport processor.

The standard processing recommendations provided produce the maximum improvement in developer characteristics, such as:

  • Moderately fine grain
  • Good process stability
  • Resistance to aerial oxidation.

The alternate processing recommendations will provide advantages to some users who may have systems with high evaporation rates or low utilization. The alternate recommendations use a replenisher and working-strength developer that is 70 percent of the standard concentration.

The replenishment rate is set at a correspondingly higher rate so the net cost per square foot of processed film is the same as with the standard recommendations.

Advantages of the Alternate Recommendations: The higher replenishment rate (143 percent of standard) provides a greater flushing action and keeps the developer tank cleaner.

Development by-products and dissolved silver compounds, which can transfer onto rollers and tank walls, are kept at a lower concentration in the developer tank.

Unlike most developers, this developer provides a more active developing solution at 70 percent of its standard concentration.

This allows a slightly faster machine speed for some films. With some types of film a lower D-min is obtained by using the more dilute developer.

EKTACOLOR RA Developer Replen / KIT To make 25 gal


Kodak Ektacolor RA Chemistry is used in the processing of color prints RA-4 process, developed in, tray, drum, or rotary tube developing.

Use this Developer Replenisher RT To prepare a developer for rotary-tube and drum processors.

This developer has built-in protection from oxidation and evaporation that makes it particularly suitable for rollertransport processors and continuous processors with low utilization.

Mix this replenisher with Ektacolor RA Developer Starter and water according to the instructions packaged with the chemicals.

Chemicals are supplied as all-liquid concentrates for easy mixing and handling

SDS Part A

SDS Part B

SDS Part C

FLEXICOLOR Developer Replenisher LORR / To make 25 gal


Kodak Flexicolor Chemicals, Process C-41, are for processing Kodak color negative films such as Kodak Professional Porta Films, as well as and other manufacturers’ films.

These chemicals are supplied in all-liquid concentrates for easy mixing, and designed for optimum results in all types of processors.

One of each of the following chemicals is needed to complete the process:

  • Kodak Flexicolor Developer
  • Kodak Flexicolor Bleach III
  • Kodak Flexicolor Fixer & Replenisher
  • Kodak Flexicolor Stabilizer III & Replenisher

Flexicolor Developer Replenisher LORR (C-41) bottle to make 25 gallons. This developer offers you the same performance as Kodak Flexicolor Developer Replenisher except with lower replenishment rates.

This has many benefits for your lab developer effluent discharge reduction of approximately 50 percent, less chemical mixing, and lower cost per square foot of film processed.

Processor utilization is not a factor; you can use Flexicolor Developer Replenisher LORR at any utilization level. Primarily recommended for use in continuous processors.

Note: C-41RA film process cycle is the shortest of the Process C-41 cycles and the one most commonly used in minilabs.

Use Kodak Flexicolor Bleach RA Bleach Replenisher NR and Kodak Flexicolor RA Fixer and Replenisher in this cycle. It requires special equipment, higher agitation. Intended to be a washless cycle.

SDS Part A

SDS Part C

SDS Working Solution

FLEXICOLOR Final Rinse and Replenisher, C-41 / to make 75GAL.


The Kodak FLEXICOLOR Final Rinse and Replenisher for C-41 features redeveloped surfactants to reduce deposits and drying marks on processed color negative films. As a result, both the processed film and the seasoned working tank solution will be cleaner, requiring less maintenance and less frequent dumping of working tanks. This final rinse solution contains no stabilizing agent, which subsequently allows labs to forgo formaldehyde training or do the associated record-keeping required by OSHA guidelines.

This single solution mix makes 50L of working solution.



The FLEXICOLOR SM Tank Fixer from Kodak. You can use this fixer in the C-41SM minilabs tank solutions, small tanks, and tube-type processors without replenishment.