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The B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Grip is an innovative mount for fastening a DSLR or small video camera to your person. Now you can transport your camera hands-free as you walk or run, without the swinging and jostling that camera straps permit. This is the successor to the original B-Grip; the EVO version features advanced materials, improved safety features, and extra slots for attaching additional straps.

The B-Grip EVO has slots that accept a belt (the included belt or most other belts) or a strap. Simply thread the belt or strap through the B-Grip mount, attach the quick-release plate to your DSLR camera or compact camcorder, and easily connect the plate to the mount. You’re suddenly able to keep both hands free as you move with your camera attached fast to your hip, ready for shooting with a flip of the quick-release lever.

Add any accessories you want to the camera – batteries, a flash, a long lens – the B-Grip EVO is designed to support up to 17.6 lb safely.

B-Grip EVO’s extra belt/strap loops accommodate an additional strap (not included) for added stability. With a second strap, fasten the low-hanging part the B-Grip’s base to your leg for a “Han Solo look” that will engender a corresponding measure of rakish confidence in the security of your gear
Thumbscrew on the baseplate encircled by a removable rubber stopper to prevent your camera coming loose after heavy movement and/or strenuous activity
The B-Grip EVO’s WDS (Weight Discharge System) is now further reinforced with a fiberglass loaded techno-polymer that keeps the weight light and lends an ultra-solid feel of support
Easy-to-use safety thumb lock that prevents an accidental release of the baseplate
Quick-release plate fits most standard DIN 4503-2 tripod heads
The quick-release plate’s flip-out piece creates a larger support base, for stability when you set down the camera
Mount a camera on the B-Grip EVO with the sensor facing upward, and you can easily change lenses in the field using two hands – without squatting or fumbling
B-Grip EVO mount is flat-bottomed, so in a pinch you can use it as a tabletop camera mount
Mount accepts other straps besides the included belt; use a backpack’s chest strap, for instance
Front lip of the mount forms a ring, so you can hang the camera and mount from a wall hook or carry the assembly by the lip
Manufactured in Europe to exacting standards, B-Grip EVO is constructed from high-quality materials and will provide years of reliable service. B-Grip stands behind the product with a limited lifetime warranty


B-Grip UNO Ultra Comfort Camera Holster


From the makers of the most innovative and versatile
camera holster system comes the new B-Grip UNO! An advanced, multi-purpose
camera holster designed for mirror-less, bridge, and compact size cameras.


N°1 in Versatility

keeps the camera comfortably and securely connected to your body when you are
active, and it fits any backpack, belt or bag.

When the camera is attached to your backpack – thanks to UNO
– it stays stable. It‘s also very comfortable, helping  you avoid the neck strain typical of
traditional camera strap use. UNO is designed
with an elongated attachment base that rests evenly on the shoulder strap. The
shape keeps the camera steady and perfectly vertical without impacting the body
while you’re moving and active, protecting both the camera and the wearer.

quick-release plate is also compatible with all Arca sized tripod heads, making
it easy to go from carrying to shooting on a tripod as well.




Perfect for selfies, photography, and video filming! Using
the headphone jack of the phone and the remote control button in the hand grip,
the user can take a picture without needing to press the shutter button on
their phone. The stainless steel handle extends from 22cm to 110 cm. The clamp
can hold phones with dimensions from 5.4 cm to 8.7 cm, which means it can fit almost
all smart phones! Includes and action cam adapter so you can attach your GoPro
or other camera.