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C-41 Press Kit (Powder), 1-Liter


Consisting of one bag of powder each for Blix A, Blix B, Developer and stabilizer, the C-41 Press Kit for Color Negative Film is perfect for the traveling photographer or anyone who needs long shelf life, fast mixing and quick processing with consistently excellent results. This kit is specially designed for the traveling journalist, this chemistry is compact and safe for air travel. Equally well suited for processing with hand inversion tanks and in rotary processors. Three foil bags contain the crystals which when stirred in warm water dissolve in seconds, not minutes. There is also a plastic bag with stabilizer in crystal form. The processing time at 45 degreeC is 10:30 minutes! At 38 degreeC the time is 13:15.

SDS Developer

SDS Stabilizer

SDS Powder A

SDS Powder B