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DHAP Corner Swabs


Visible Dust (Orange) DHAP Fabric Corner Swabs are the world’s first DSLR Corner Swab from Visible Dust. Tailored specifically to remove dust build up in those hard to reach places. Compatible with Visible Dust’s full arsenal of wet cleaning solutions. Specifically for cleaning only the corners. Cleaning your sensor has never been easier. 16 swabs per pack.


High Density Sensor Brush (HDF)


Visible Dust High Density Edge HDF Sensor Brush is an extra replacement head for the Arctic Butterfly – 724. This new accessory has twice the amount of fibers then the original Arctic Butterfly® Recommended for heavy duty cleaning. Excellent for cleaning in constantly dusty environments. Includes a case for safe keeping.

Mini Quasar Sensor Loupe


Mini Quasar® is based on award winning Sensor Loupe® technology comes in pocket-able format and flat shape. While many imitation low quality products are made simply with plastic lenses, the mini Quasar® is made of highest quality of optical glass with fluorine coated surface for the sharpest image possible.

VisibleDust 7X mini Quasar® is equipped with 4 SUPER bright LED lights positioned at angles to identify the smallest object on the sensor surface (usually impossible to be seen otherwise). Regular LED light when shinned at the sensor penetrates different layers of filters to produce useless checkered shape visual images of various filter depth without focusing on sensor surface itself. By using Quasar® Sensor Loupe® inspection devices from visibledust one can eliminate these problems.

Using inspection devices from visibledust will reduce the damage to sensor by excessive cleaning hence, saving the cost associated with sensor cleaning.

The mini Qusar® requires two (2) CR2032 lithium batteries included. The mini Quasar® comes with a soft coated foam black box to protect the device.

Arctic Breez pulsating device


Arctic Beez™ is a pulsating device (patent pending) with a frequency of 13000 rpm and a unique buzzing sound similar to that of bees. This vibration frequency is carried to the swab which is placed inside the device cavity. The Swabsonic™ Technology is powered by a DC engine and smart electronic circuitry that generates soft sonic vibration to loosen dirt and stain on the coated sensor. It works 4X more efficiently than when the swab is used alone. One major cost associated with regular sensor cleaning is the number of swabs used per cleaning session in order to remove the stubborn stain. Arctic Beez™ helps to reduce the number of swabs used in sticky dirt situations leading to essential cost saving. These savings can accumulate over the years and may even be significant enough to pay for a newer camera body!

Arctic Beez™ is equipped with one bright LED light illuminating the entire sensor and acting as a Swablight™. Arctic Beez™ supports a firm grip on the swab helping to achieve a better and more  precise edge to edge sensor cleaning. Arctic Beez™ Smart Vibration Technology is designed to push the dirt in a forward motion and not laterally and yet to be safe on DSLR coated sensors.

Arctic Beez™ essential features includes:

 Swabsonic™ Technology powered by DC engine and smart circuitry.

 Safe on coated sensor.

 Equipped with Bright LED light.

 4X more efficient verses sensor cleaning alone.

 Strong grip for precise edge to edge sensor cleaning.

 Packed in a classy case.

*Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)* Swabs are not included

Not recommended for cameras with IS (image stabilization) on the Sensor.