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  • Clear archival preserver refills for 81?2 x 11 
  • Includes pair of extension posts and spacer strips
  • 12 pages per pack
  • White or Black paper insert not included




    • Black heavyweight 10 pt. cardstock inserts
    • Acid-free and lignin-free
    • Use cardstock inserts for mounting photographs, memorabilia or as a print backing.
    • Available also in white
    • Package of 12 insert pages.

    Size: 81?2” x 11″




    • White heavyweight 10 pt. cardstock inserts
    • Acid-free and lignin-free
    • Use cardstock inserts for mounting photographs, memorabilia or as a print backing.   
    • Available in black or white
    • Package of 12 insert pages

    Size: 81?2“x11”

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    8-4″X5″ POLAROIDS (100 PACK)


  • Holds eight 4″x5″ Polaroid* prints or four 4″x5″ sleeved negatives or transparencies
  • Exclusive thin backing coupled with high clarity allows you to make quality contact sheets without removing or handling negatives.
  • Strong continuous seams prevent negative hang up.
  • Top sheet is 3 mil and bottom sheet is 1.8 mil.
  • Archival quality polyethylene – NO PVC – safe for long term storage.
  • PAT passed
  • 100 pages per pack
  • *Polaroid is a registered trademark of the Polaroid Corporation.

    Dimensions: 99?16“W x 11″H

    Pocket Size: 41?4“W x 51?4“H


    • For writing on preservers use the recommended Permapaque Markers.
    • Remember to use gloves when handling negatives
    • To remove dust use Falcon Dust-Off compressed air or Static Wisk
    • To safely clean negatives use archival PEC-12 with PEC PADS

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  • When mounting, protect images using clear sleeves. For best presentation try our specially design ShoSleeves™.
  • Sleeved transparencies are taped over window openings.
  • Use OverMats back to back for finished appearance.
  • Available in multiple formats with the same outside dimensions for uniform presentation.
  • No cutting or measuring neccesary.
  • Each package contains 10 heavyweight 4-ply black boards (55pt.) and 10 high clarity 16 mil polypropylene presentation pockets.
  • Mat size: 8″x10″

    Image format: 6x6cm (21/4“x21/4“)

    Window Size (WxH): 21/8“x21/8

    Windows per mat: 4.

    Presentation pocket: 8″x10″

    *The black board is not manufactured from archival safe materials and is not recommended for long term storage.

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    ALB-SB premium standard size album for S-Series and Print pages



    • ALB-SB premium standard size album for S-Series and Print pages
    • 11?2” silver D-ring
    • Unpadded black buckram texture covering
    • Black interior for hight impact presentations
    • Matching protective slipcases available

    Dimensions: 11″W x 117?8“H x 25?8“D

    Capacity: (11/2″ D-ring)  75 negative preservers, 50 print preservers, 25 slide preservers, and 15 CD preservers.

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  • ARC-S standard size album for S-series album pages
  • Durable and economical 3-ring album
  • Black textured polyethylene archival exterior/interior
  • 1 silver D-rings
  • PAT passed
  • Dimensions: 11W x 115?8H x 17?8D

    1″ D-ring capacity – 50 negative preservers, 35 print preservers, 18 slide preservers, and 10 CD preservers.

    Preservers and album pages sold separately

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    Arctic Breez pulsating device


    Arctic Beez™ is a pulsating device (patent pending) with a frequency of 13000 rpm and a unique buzzing sound similar to that of bees. This vibration frequency is carried to the swab which is placed inside the device cavity. The Swabsonic™ Technology is powered by a DC engine and smart electronic circuitry that generates soft sonic vibration to loosen dirt and stain on the coated sensor. It works 4X more efficiently than when the swab is used alone. One major cost associated with regular sensor cleaning is the number of swabs used per cleaning session in order to remove the stubborn stain. Arctic Beez™ helps to reduce the number of swabs used in sticky dirt situations leading to essential cost saving. These savings can accumulate over the years and may even be significant enough to pay for a newer camera body!

    Arctic Beez™ is equipped with one bright LED light illuminating the entire sensor and acting as a Swablight™. Arctic Beez™ supports a firm grip on the swab helping to achieve a better and more  precise edge to edge sensor cleaning. Arctic Beez™ Smart Vibration Technology is designed to push the dirt in a forward motion and not laterally and yet to be safe on DSLR coated sensors.

    Arctic Beez™ essential features includes:

     Swabsonic™ Technology powered by DC engine and smart circuitry.

     Safe on coated sensor.

     Equipped with Bright LED light.

     4X more efficient verses sensor cleaning alone.

     Strong grip for precise edge to edge sensor cleaning.

     Packed in a classy case.

    *Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)* Swabs are not included

    Not recommended for cameras with IS (image stabilization) on the Sensor.



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    Black & White Retouching Kit Refill Gray

    Berg Touchrite Black and White Retouching Dyes are part off a truly superior system for retouching black and white prints and negatives. Touchrite retouching colors are fully compatible with all conventional black and white papers including fiber based and resin coated paper. All dyes are supplied in dropper dispenser bottles and are water blendable.

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    Black Buckram Album for G-series album pages

    • G (Grand) premium album is oversized to fit most of our pages
    • 11?2” silver D-ring
    • Unpadded black buckram texture covering
    • Black interior for hight impact presentations
    • Matching protective slipcases available

    Dimensions: 111?8“W x 133?8“H x 25?8“D

    Capacity: (11?2” D-ring) 75 negative preservers, 50 print preservers, 25 slide preservers, and 15 CD preservers

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    BRNO baLens 52mm White Balance Snap Lens Cap


    The baLens is a snap-on lens cap with a removable translucent dome in the center. By simply placing the cap on your lens, pointing the camera at the light source and doing a manual white balance, superior color correction is easily achieved under any lighting conditions. Simple. Smart. Functional. Change the way your camera sees color. Go from orange, blue and green-tinted photos to beautifully captured color by setting a custom white balance with the baLens Cap. The patent-pending baLens White Balance Lens Cap system comes with interchangeable neutral and warm filters. So no matter how challenging the lighting, with a baLens Cap you can get better colors right out of the bag. Save time, energy and money by eliminating the need to adjust an image’s color balance in your photo editing software. baLens allows you to concentrate on the creative aspects of your photography. The baLens is simple to use: mount the baLens Lens Cap on the lens, take a reference exposure of the light falling on your intended subject with the camera set in manual focus/auto exposure mode. The baLens Lens Cap will allow the setting of a custom white balance based on the actual color temperature of the light source. The dome-shaped filter allows for very accurate measurement of color temperature under mixed light source conditions. Using the camera’s menu functions, locate the custom white balance setting and apply the reading. A warm dome is included for when you wish to achieve natural skin tones in portraits or an overall warmer effect in your photos. BRNO implements very strict quality controls. For example, once the formula for the center filter pieces are mixed, a pre-production sample is taken and measured against a control sample on a photo spectrometer and densitometer. Once this is approved, then samples are taken from production pieces during various times during output and retested, providing you a product that meets the highest of standards.

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