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Gel Filter Set for LightSphere Collapsible


Inspire creativity by changing the color of your flash output to Red, Yellow, Green or Blue. The color filters are designed to be used with your Lightsphere Collapsible.

Set of color filters includes:





The Lightsphere Collapsible is sold separately.

The Accidental Millionaire


The Accidental Millionaire is the memoir of Gary Fong, would-be slacker who revolutionized wedding photography, inventor of popular photography aids, entrepreneur, contrarian, bon vivant and a man who really, really didn't want to become a doctor. A first-generation Chinese-American, Gary was raised in one of Los Angeles' least-desirable neighborhoods and was forced to deal?in his own quirky and often very funny way?with the burdens of poverty, crime and his parents' relentless aspirations. These issues almost overwhelmed him until he had a dramatic epiphany. Spotting a bumper sticker that read “Since I gave up hope, I feel much better,” Gary promptly did just that.

He stopped trying and started succeeding. At turns hilarious, insightful and instructive, The Accidental Millionaire is Horatio Alger-meets-David Sedaris. Turning the traditional self-help principles upside down, The Accidental Millionaire disdains the goal-oriented approaches of traditional self-help philosophies. Sometimes not knowing where you are going is the best possible way to get there.


Lightsphere¨ Adapter Ring


Lightsphere Collapsible, Adapter Ring for ChromeDome. The Lightsphere Collapsible is directly compatible with all of our accessory domes but the Chromedome requires an accessory ring. You do not need to use this ring for any other dome.


Gary Fong Color Calibration Gray Dome


Color Calibration GrayDome™


GrayDome™ is a powerful tool that every photographer shouldn’t be

without. Rather than relying on your camera’s auto white balance

settings, our (the) GrayDome™ Color Correction tool allows you to

measure accurate color using the Custom White Balance feature on your


The shape of this 18% grey color calibration dome ensures that light

from all directions is calculated in the measurement of your subject,

guaranteeing spot-on accurate color in a matter of seconds.


Color Reference Kit

The Gary Fong Color Reference Kit was created for photographers who are looking to gain spot on accuracy for both color balance and exposure control. The kit includes the White Dome, the Gray Dome, an intuitive pocket field guide and a convenient lanyard to keep everything together. By employing the quick and easy techniques of reflective metering with the Gray Dome and incident metering with the White Dome, color casts and inconsistencies will be a thing of the past. Unlike traditional white balance cards, the Gray Dome and the White Dome are spherical, gauging all types of light from all directions, which is essential for an accurate white balance sampling. Furthermore, they won’t bend, warp or fade like traditional cardboard cards. They conveniently stack on top of the other Gray Fong accessory Domes for packing and come kitted with a Gary Fong lanyard for portability and accessibility.

The WhiteDome provides a neutral coloring for measuring incident light of the scene & is used by placing it over your lens and letting the ambient light shine through for metering. The GrayDome is good for measuring reflected light and balancing color in post production & is placed in the scene and provides a neutral reference for correcting your photographs.

SnootSkin Color Kit


SnootSkin Color Kit – Combine these with the LightSphere Collapsible Gels to create an even wider array of colors to tint the image or the background.



PowerGrid for PowerSnoot/LSU


Collumate and add direction to your images with Gary Fong LightSphere Products.


Lightbulb Adapter Kit


With the now mainstream acceptance of the hybrid still and video capable DSLR, amateur and professional shooters of all skill levels are increasingly turning to continuous lighting
solutions. LED lightbulbs and incandescent lightbulbs are not only inexpensive, but when compared to flash (which can only be seen for a fraction of a second), continuous
lighting provides real-time feedback on your subject. Select lightbulbs are also bright enough to allow for fast shutter speeds, eliminating the complexity of syncing when using auxiliary flashes.
When paired with the famed Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount (Generation 5) Diffuser and a lightbulb, the Lightbulb
Adapter Kit allows both photographers and videographers to deliver professional-style diffused lighting by softening shadows and producing more true-to-life skin tones.
Alternatively, when the Lightbulb Adapter Kit is paired with the SpeedSnoot and a lightbulb, the result is a dramatic spotlight that is great for adding high-impact color to a background, highlighting a specific area on a subject or creating special effects, all of which are often seen in high-fashion style photography.
Regardless of their skill level, the Lightbulb Adapter Kit provides a wide array of users the
ability to sculpt studio-quality light at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio lighting.
Additionally, consumers are increasingly seeking a single vendor for both still and video services so the professional lighting achieved using the Lightbulb Adapter Kit offers these hybrid shooters a powerful universal tool to meet the varying needs of the merging industries.
By taking advantage of the continuous source to pre-visualize the effects of various lighting set ups, photographers are provided the professional look of a diffused strobe light without the confusion of syncing, metering and modeling. The beginning videographer will gravitate towards the ease-of-use and reliable quality-of-light, and professional videographers will appreciate maintaining their light efficiency while capturing beautifully soft, true-to-life skin tones.


ChromeDomeª for LSU & LS2


ChromeDome(TM) for Lightsphere II and Lightsphere Universal


Lightsphere¨ Universal – Half (Clear)


The latest offering from Gary Fong! Light Sphere Universal fits virtually all flashes including the Nikon SB-600 and SB-800 and Canon 430 and 540 models. LightSphere Universal features the patented Grip” mounting system, so strong that it can support the entire weight of the camera and flash! Use the Clear Light Spheres when you need more light than a Cloud Light Sphere. The Cloud units feature the best diffusion but sometimes you need more light. The Clear units provide the extra light but are cooler. All other diffusers “point” the light somewhere like a flashlight. Light Sphere is the only diffuser that lights up the entire room, softening your images tremendously. Light up the entire room and eliminate unwanted shadows. Light Spheres were reffered to as the Best Diffusion” we’ve ever tested by Professional Photographer Magazine.” And By far the best diffusion” as tested by Nikonians”. Light Sphere Universal Clear is compatible with all Light Sphere II accessories except the Chrome Dome and is supplied with the Gary Fong Tutorial DVD and product catalog.