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Lightbulb Adapter Kit


With the now mainstream acceptance of the hybrid still and video capable DSLR, amateur and professional shooters of all skill levels are increasingly turning to continuous lighting
solutions. LED lightbulbs and incandescent lightbulbs are not only inexpensive, but when compared to flash (which can only be seen for a fraction of a second), continuous
lighting provides real-time feedback on your subject. Select lightbulbs are also bright enough to allow for fast shutter speeds, eliminating the complexity of syncing when using auxiliary flashes.
When paired with the famed Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount (Generation 5) Diffuser and a lightbulb, the Lightbulb
Adapter Kit allows both photographers and videographers to deliver professional-style diffused lighting by softening shadows and producing more true-to-life skin tones.
Alternatively, when the Lightbulb Adapter Kit is paired with the SpeedSnoot and a lightbulb, the result is a dramatic spotlight that is great for adding high-impact color to a background, highlighting a specific area on a subject or creating special effects, all of which are often seen in high-fashion style photography.
Regardless of their skill level, the Lightbulb Adapter Kit provides a wide array of users the
ability to sculpt studio-quality light at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio lighting.
Additionally, consumers are increasingly seeking a single vendor for both still and video services so the professional lighting achieved using the Lightbulb Adapter Kit offers these hybrid shooters a powerful universal tool to meet the varying needs of the merging industries.
By taking advantage of the continuous source to pre-visualize the effects of various lighting set ups, photographers are provided the professional look of a diffused strobe light without the confusion of syncing, metering and modeling. The beginning videographer will gravitate towards the ease-of-use and reliable quality-of-light, and professional videographers will appreciate maintaining their light efficiency while capturing beautifully soft, true-to-life skin tones.