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The Linhof cable releases are ridiculously well made and built to last-one often encounters perfectly operational Linhof releases upon the secondhand market, manufactured more than half a century ago and with many thousands of exposures under their belt.  They have a particularly long, strong throw.  In fact, they are amongst a very short list of cable releases which can trigger Copal Press shutters(which release and cock again all in one action, requiring more force) with crisp reliability.

The 002431 is a 21″ (53 cm) cable release that helps prevent camera shake for super telephoto shots, macrophotography and bulb exposures.  Cable releases are also quite handy for taking pictures of difficult-to-approach subjects as well as minimizing vibrations with closeup and lengthy timed exposures.

Rotating nipple
Durable coated finish resistant to moisture & dust
Broad, well-contoured plunger design
Classic T-lock mechanism

Spirit level for Linhof Technikardan 6×9 and 4×5 (spare)


Spirit level for Linhof Technikardan (spare)
Spirit level for Linhof Technikardan 6×9 und 4×5 (spare)

Enameled Linhof crest – 20mm


Enameled Linhof crest as a substitute for lost crest. Please measure accurately because the crest are fitted into the recesses on the equipment. (also available 18mm and 24mm high)