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The Linhof cable releases are ridiculously well made and built to last-one often encounters perfectly operational Linhof releases upon the secondhand market, manufactured more than half a century ago and with many thousands of exposures under their belt.  They have a particularly long, strong throw.  In fact, they are amongst a very short list of cable releases which can trigger Copal Press shutters(which release and cock again all in one action, requiring more force) with crisp reliability.

The 002431 is a 21″ (53 cm) cable release that helps prevent camera shake for super telephoto shots, macrophotography and bulb exposures.  Cable releases are also quite handy for taking pictures of difficult-to-approach subjects as well as minimizing vibrations with closeup and lengthy timed exposures.

Rotating nipple
Durable coated finish resistant to moisture & dust
Broad, well-contoured plunger design
Classic T-lock mechanism

Spirit level for Linhof Technikardan 6×9 and 4×5 (spare)


Spirit level for Linhof Technikardan (spare)
Spirit level for Linhof Technikardan 6×9 und 4×5 (spare)

Linhof Rapid Slide Back for Master Technika


The Rapid Change Adapter Slide increases the use of all Master Technika for digital imaging. Also recommended for reproduction work with Linhof RD1.
Before using the slide the 4×5 revolving back has to be removed. The Rapid Change Adapter Slide permits the quick change of groundglass focusing to taking position of the digital back. In conjunction with the Rapid Change Adapter Slide, even stitching is possible. The complete slide can be shifted up and down 15 mm each.

Enameled Linhof crest – 20mm


Enameled Linhof crest as a substitute for lost crest. Please measure accurately because the crest are fitted into the recesses on the equipment. (also available 18mm and 24mm high)