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Flipbac Camera Grip G1


Greatly improve the handling of your camera. Many point and shoot digital cameras have no grip and a smooth finish. Even though a camera may be small, it is often difficult to hold and can slip out of your hand. Flipbac Camera Grips can be easily applied to the front of your camera to prevent slipping and create a solid hold, making your camera more secure in your hand. One-handed picture taking is easier and safer.  The four different grips, inspired by the most popular cameras today, have been designed to blend in seamlessly with your camera. Made of 100% silicone, the Flipbac Camera Grips flex to the shape of your camera body for a perfect fit.         *** Please note: All of our Camera Grips fit on most cameras lacking a grip, however only the G4 has a hollow
groove to fit over existing small bumps and grip-strips on cameras such as the Canon S100 and the Nikon V1.

Grip 1 has a concave bevel the full vertical length of the grip. This style of grip is found on popular cameras such as the Canon G12. Many photographers prefer this style as it provides a lot of room for fingers to grab.