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Adhesive Helmet Mount


New universal type mount for cameras with standard tripod thread base or Go Pro style base.  Features quick release mount with curved adhesive pad for mounting a camera to various helmet types. Dimensions: (2.5×2.25×2.1)inches/(6.4×5.7×5.3)cm.  Weight: 2 oz/56.7g  
Material: Polycarbonate plastic, stainless steel, and brass.  

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Bar-Pole Mount


Swivel head allow use in vertical or  horizontal position. Mount on handlebar,  ski pole, paddles etc.  Secure Lok mount, stainless steel adjustment screws and rubber damper. Fits handlebar/pole/paddle/etc. up to 1.25 inches diameter.  Compatible with standard tripod mounts found on most cameras.  Model# HBM.

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Camera Hand Strap


Fully adjustable, this comfortable strap allows a camera to be securely mounted on your hand. The CHS utilizes neoprene and nylon construction for use in any environment-even underwater. The standard ¼ tripod thread is compatible with most cameras and includes a quick release shoe.  Model# CHS.

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Camera U Connector


Featuring a standard 1/4 tripod thread to attach camera to Flex arm.  Model# CUC.

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Chest Strap


Multi adjustable straps, 2 pivot points and quick release base allows camera to be worn on chest for a variety of activities. Quick release base for hand held camera use.  Universal mounting system is compatible with standard tripod mounts found on most cameras and also cameras with “GoPro style mount.  Model# CS-A.

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Extension Pole


Compact Extension Pole: Provides extended reach for mounted camera.  Also can be used as a monopod.  Features aluminum, stainless steel and plastic construction with ball joint pivot point.  Length unextended is 20.5  maximum length extended is 63″.  Weight 12.5 oz . 

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GoPro Mount Adapter


Allows camera with Go Pro style base to be used on mounts with standard ¼ inch tripod thread screw.  This improved version of the mount adapter, part# I-GMA-A, replaces the original mount version with part# GMA

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Helmet Mount 3


Features adjustable straps, quick release mount, large and small curved adhesive pads for mounting a camera to various helmet types or other surfaces.  Compatible with standard tripod mounts found on most cameras. 

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Intova Pod


The most unique and flexible mounting option on the market. IP can twist around a branch, railing, beam or many other support options. It can be coiled at the base and used as a unipod or straightened  and used as an extension pole. Safe to use in any environment, even underwater, the IP features a standard tripod mount and flex arm head which can be attached to cameras, flashlights, video lights and more.  Length is 0.5 meters / 19.7 inches.  Requires optional adapter to mount flashlight or video light.  Model# INTPOD.

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O-Ring Tool


A handy tool used to remove the O-Rings from your waterproof camera housing for replacement or regreasing.  Model# ORT.