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Student Handcoloring Kit (4 student oils, 2 – 8×10 pictures)


The Memories by Marshalls Student Handcoloring Kit contains four tubes of oil and two 8×10″ pictures. This discovery kit will get you started on the road to successful oils.

Kit includes: (2) 8″” x 10″ Black & White Professional Photographs, (4) 2″” Photo Oil Tubes, (1) Vinyl Eraser, (1) Metal Skewer, (10) Artist Applicators & 12 Page Instruction Book. Colors may vary based on availability.

SDS – Flesh

SDS – Carmine

SDS – Sky Blue

SDS – Cadmium Yellow Deep



The latest dimension in handcoloring your own creations. Marshall’s inkjet canvas, a specially coated inkjet receptive artist canvas is Acid-free, Woven, Richly textured, Compatible with most inkjet printers,  and Specially coated.

 Print out your own special black and white prints and create one of a kind artwork.