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POLARIS Wireless Transmitter (on-camera trigger) for Polaris Receivers


The PFT-28s is an on-camera 2.4 GHz radio transmitter designed to work with the recently announced Polaris PFT-28 receiver to trigger mounted speedlights or connected studio lights.  The PFT-28s completes the Polaris communication circle  anchored by the Karat Flash Meter with attached PFT-28 Transmitter.  Now your flashes may be triggered from the meter position or the camera position!



Polaris Wireless Flash Trigger Kit for Karat Meter


Wireless Frequency System: 2.4GHz
Operating Distance: up to 100 meters / 300 feet
Channel: 16 channels
Sync: 1/250s
Transmitter Power:1 x CR2032 battery
Receiver Power: 2 x AAA battery
Receiver includes: ¼ –20 tripod mount