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2 gallon Chemical Storage Tank


“Extra heavy translucent polyethylene. Complete with fast-flow faucet and a cover to prevent contamination. Accessory Floating Lids optional, listed below.”

Film Washer


“Complete washing of your film to archival standards in less time using less water. Provides 2-3 water changes per minute. Gentle action won’t harm film. Accepts 35mm and any 4″” diameter reels. No moving parts to wear out. Provides fixer free film econom

12×16 Paper Safe


“Each holds 200 sheets of single weight paper. Ideal for storage of paper, film, metal plates, etc. Positive lock. Exclusive “”Tilt and Tap”” feature fans paper for easy single sheet removal. Rugged ABS plastic.”

Film Washer


“21 powerful water jets wash both sides of prints quickly and completely. Agitating water engages and dilutes the hypo, carrying it through the washer and out the opposite side quickly. Accommodates 10 to 12 full-sized prints in one loading. Dimensions: 0