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BL-ALB 3-Ring Oversize Binder 1.5″ D-rings / Black



  • Archival oversize 3-ring album will accommodate several oversize,

    hard to find, print formats – 4612SC12 with 6-4×6 pockets, 1212SC12

    for 12×12, 912-2P for 9×12 and 1013-2P for 10×13.(All shown below)

  • 3″x3″ window on album cover
  • 11?2” silver D-rings
  • Buckram texture paper cover material

Dimensions: 151?4” W x 131?2” H x 17?8” D

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Slipcase for ALB-BS Album



  • SB-SLIP sized for ALB-SB premium album
  • Black buckram textured covering
  • Exterior material matches ALB-SB album
  • Slipcase protects contents from harmful dust, light and pollutants
  • Ideal for bookcase storage or display

Interior dimensions: 117?8” x 11″ x 23?4

Exterior dimensions:
125?16” x 111?8” x 3″

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