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PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount


PRO-Mounts Suction Cup Mount

The PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount is the perfect solution when you attach your GoPro / (Action) Camera to flat parts without them leaving traces behind, think of cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cockpits, and more. This PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount distinguishes itself from other suction cups by the rotating (steel) head which makes it possible to determine the ideal camera angle after the placement of the suction cup or to rotate the camera 360 degrees and/or Swivel

The PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount with Industrial strength which can be used with all GoPro / (Action) Cameras. The suction mount is strong enough to pull dents out of a car or being stuck on a plane which speeds of over 200 km/h.

PRO-mounts Tripod Mount


PRO-mounts Tripod Mount


Pro-mounts Tripod Mount is compatible with all GoPro/Action cameras and is

used to attach it to a universal camera tripod with 1/4 20 thread.

PRO-mounts SportsHelmet Mount


PRO-Mounts Sports Helmet Mount (Vented)

Easily installed  by the two buckles that tie through the air vents of your sports helmet. Compatible with all GoPro/Action cameras.

One size fits all sports helmets that have air holes.

PRO-mounts Micro HDMI Cable


PRO-mounts Micro HDMI Cable


PRO-Mounts Micro HDMI Cable lets you connect your GoPro / Action Cameras with

all HDMI ports on your HDTV or recording equipment.


connecting to your HDTV, experience incredibly beautiful images that you

recorded with your GoPro / Action Camera.

PRO-mounts Side Mount


PRO-mounts Side Mount

The PRO-mounts Side Helmet Mount allow users to securely mount their GoPro to the side of helmets, vehicles, gear and more. Offers 3-way adjustability

for a variety of shots and capture angles. The mount can be removed by

heating the adhesive bond with a hair dryer and peeling off mount.

Note: Also compatible with most action cameras with required 1/4 thread adapter (sold separately).

PRO-mounts Protection Kit


PRO-mounts Protection Kit

The PRO-mounts Lens Protection Kit is designed to protect your GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ or HERO4 camera lens from dust, dirt and scratches while traveling or charging.

This set contains everything you need to properly maintain your GoPro,

including one camera body lens cap, two standard housing lens covers,

microfiber cleaning cloth, and a drawstring bag to help provide added

protection and organize your accessories.

PRO-mounts HeadStrap Mount


PRO-Mounts Headstrap mount


PRO-mounts HeadStrap Mount is compatible with all GoPro / (Action) Cameras

and makes it possible to wear  your GoPro / (Action) Camera on your

head. The PRO-mounts HeadStrap mount can be used by children and

the elderly, but can also be used in combination with a helmet or Baseball


PRO-Mounts 18 Antifog inserts

Avoid moisture and grime in your GoPro housing. Ideal in cold and damp conditions. These inserts can be re-used up to five times, and can be optionally dried in an oven. It is recommended to store them in an airtight bag . 

Suitable for all GoPro Cameras.

PRO-mounts Tube Mount


PRO-Mounts Tube Mount

Place your action camcorder in any position for jiggle-free video!

The PRO-Mounts Tube Mount is, among others, to be used on your swingarm, smaller roll-bars on your kite bar, surfboom, bike handle bar or frame, or any other material with similar dimensions.
To ensure the safety of your camera, the PRO-mounts Bike/Handlebar Tube Mount comes with a “Safety Leash

set. When your camera is mounted, the Safety Leash gives you extra

security so your camera will not be lost in case the mount loosens.

PRO-mounts Front Mount


PRO-mounts Front Mount
The PRO -Mounts Front (helmet) Mount is easy to install on the front of your helmet, it can be any sports helmet, but also your moped motorcycle helmet. Are you wondering how your face looks like when you make the jump, if you race around the track 200, or if you just create a relaxed descent, turn your GoPro / Action Camera around and point it at your face. Do you just want the action filmed then place your GoPro / Action Camera in reverse position and you recording as you see it from your eye position (POV).

The flexible PRO mounts Front (Helm) Mount is turning thanks to the included 3-way arm (three-way Pivot Mount) in any direction. Anything interesting enough is put on the film in a jiffy.

PRO-mounts Flat & Curved Mounts

PRO Mounts Flat & Curved mounts

contains 3 flat and 3 curved 3M™ adhesive mounts

PRO-mounts Housing Lock for GoPro

Replacement lock for Standard Housing (40m) for GoPro . 

NOTE: This closes clip only ONLY on the original housing of the Hero3 + and Hero4 and the Blackout Housing.

PRO-mounts Replacement Battery Hero4


Use this 1180mAh lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery as a spare or replacement for your GoPro camera.

  • 1180mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Use as a spare or replacement battery for your GoPro camera

PRO-mounts Replacement Battery Hero3 & Hero3


Use this 1180mAh lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery as a spare or replacement for your GoPro camera.

  • 1180mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Use as a spare or replacement battery for your GoPro camera

PRO-mounts PRO-case small

With the brand new and waterproof PRO mounts PRO -case Small stow your GoPro camera and accessories safely, with room for the following : 

- GoPro / Action Camera + housing 

- 2 extra batteries 

- LCD / Battery / Wi -Fi BacPac 

- Smart Remote / Wi- Fi remote control 

- Cables and loose parts 

- Other small accessories 

Dimensions ( size ) of the case are: 

17cm x 12.5cm x 7cm (L x W x H )