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Ultra Lightweight Video Accessory Mounting Bracket


Model SLB-M

Ultra lightweight mounting bracket for lights and microphones.

This lightweight mounting bracket provides 2 universal mounts for mounting accessory lights and microphones to your camcorder. They can be used for horizontal or vertical mounting to give you the best shot.


• A necessity for camcorders without a shoe mount
• Fits all camcorders with standard screw mount
• Also acts as a steady grip
• The bracket tightening screw has threaded tripod socket for easy mounting. 
• Can also be used as a steady grip.

International Pop-Up Power Plug Travel Set -Plugs for over 11 countries


Portable Plug Set for International Travel

Model SIP-3

Don’t get caught with the wrong prong! Get the International Travel Plug Set from Sima

Sima’s new international plug set, model SIP-3, takes the hassle out of getting connected in countries around the world. The compact travel plug set includes connectors for power outlets in America, Australia, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, the Middle East, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Best of all, the pieces nest together into a single, sturdy unit that conveniently pops into a purse, backpack, carry-on bag, or pocket.


• Adjustable prong sets for U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Caribbean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands.
• A universal receptacle for Europe, U.S., and Australia
• A UK receptacle for United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore
• Click here to check country compatibility

USB Ultimate Power Adapter


USB Power Adapter


SUP-USB is the quick and easy way to power or charge USB devices anywhere, anytime.

Simply plug the USB cable into the device and the other end into the adapter and outlet of your choice for instant power!


– Includes 2 adapters: Folding AC Adapter and 12V Car Adapter
– Use the USB cable to power or charge the device on the go!
– Compatible with all iPods, and virtually any device capable of charging via USB – including digital cameras, digital media players, and more. 

MonoPod for camcorder/camera


p style=”font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); margin: 5px 0px; padding: 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);”>Single leg camera stand

Filming in a tight spot and don’t have room for a tripod? Use the Monopod from Sima – a collapsible single leg camera stand that gives you the ultimate in support and convenience for camcorders and cameras. Add stability and flexibility to all of your filming scenarios. Hold it high to shoot over a crowd or set it to any height from 16.5 to 60.5. Great for wildlife shoots, interviews, sports action and more. Get rid of camera shake for good. Constructed of light-weight aluminum with five adjustable/lockable sections and portrait and landscape positions, the Sima’s Monopod gives you an extra leg to stand on.


• Expands from 16.5″ to 60.5″
• Constructed of lightweight aluminum with five adjustable/lockable sections
• Portrait/landscape adjustable head with standard camera mount.



Protects your digital camera from scratches, dents and moisture Soft & fl exible Aeroprene™ fabric High strength Velcro™ straps

Sima’s new DSLR wrap features Aeroprene™ material to ensure durability, versatility and quality protection for your valuable digital camera equipment. Our patent-pending design allows your DSLR camera to remain in the wrap while you shoot. Simply unpeel the wrap and shoot. Provides full access to camera controls. Includes quick release mount.


* Keep your camera protected from the elements while you use it!
* Quick and easy access to snap that perfect shot
* Expandable barrel
to fit large lenses

Ultimate Adapter w/JVC and Sony Camcorder power tips


takeCHARGE! Universal Digital Camera and Camcorder AC Power Adapter

Sima’s Universal AC Adapter (Model SUP-60) is compatible with 95% of the digital cameras and camcorders on the market today!
It provides a precise, high-efficiency power supply for today’s hi-tech digital cameras and camcorders. Compact and lightweight, it is ideal for travel. Includes 7 custom tips to fit all major brands of camcorders. Variable voltage switch lets customer select appropriate power settings.


• 7 Custom tips to fit all major brands of digital cameras and camcorders.
• Adjustable setting for choosing 3.3v, 4.2v, 5.0v, 6.5v, 8.4v, and 9.5v power supply.
• AC adapter for home use.
• Short-circuit protected
• Designed for high efficiency and low heat


Plus: Answering Machines, CD-MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Camcorders, PDAs and more.



USB Multi Cable with HDMI

Model SUO-1080P

Multiple USB plus HDMI connections in a single cable solution

Sima’s patent-pending USB Multi Cable with HDMI is the solution for powering or connecting different devices via USB or HDMI with single, versatile cable. While traveling on business or pleasure, take only one cable with multiple USB and HDMI connectors to charge or connect.

Use the USB connectors with most
major name brand digital camcorders, digital cameras, media players, cell phones, laptops, portable DVD players, PDAs and more. Connect to your HD camcorder with the HDMI Connectors.


-Multiple connections include Standard USB A and Standard HDMI A on one end with Standard B, mini
B – 4 pin mini B – 5 pin, mini 8 – pin flat, and HDMI mini C on the other end.

-Universal HDMI – A to A and A to C

-Use with new HD camcorders, PDAs, media players, cell phones, laptops, portable DVD players, digital cameras, e-readers such as iPad and Kindle, and more.

-Single 1.5 meter cable

Pro LED Camcorder Light


Model SL-20LX

One of Sima’s most popular items!

This popular light consistently receives glowing reviews from consumers. With 36 LED’s that don’t get hot to the touch and a compact, lightweight design, this affordable light is what you need on your next video shoot.


• Lithium Ion battery and charger included
• Shoe-mount compatible with all pro & consumer video camcorders
• Works with standard 4:3 and HD 16:9 formats
• Video Bracket with light and tripod mounts included
• Patent-pending interlocking design
• Slim lightweight design
• 600 lumens with built-in diffuser (36 LED’s)
• Effective distance – approximately 15 – 25’
• 45-60 minutes average usage time, depending on use
• Charge status indicators – red = charging, green = done
• Uses ultra-efficient LED technology – average life of over 50,000 hours!
• Safe to the touch – does not get hot
• Flicker free

Pro Video light with International Plugs works AC or DC


Always have a back up with the SL-20LXi internal battery and AC power operating functions

This newly updated model allows for perpetual power. 
If AC power fails, the internal battery takes over. Never be without light again!


* Operates with AC power or internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
* Universal switching power supply—use in more than 150 countries
* Shoe-mount compatible with all pro & consumer video camcorders
* Patent-pending interlocking design—allows you to make a light to meet your needs.
* Works with standard 4:3 and HD 16:9 formats
* Video Bracket with light and tripod mounts included
* Slim lightweight design
* 600 lumens with built-in diffuser
* Effective distance—approximately 15 – 25’
* 45-60 minutes battery run time depending on use
* Charge status indicators: red= charging, green= done
* Uses ultra-effi cient LED technology—average life of over
50,000 hours!
* Safe to the touch—does not get hot
* Flicker free

Digital Video Effects Mixer/Switcher


  • Show everyone that you are a video pro!
  • 4 inputs/video; 6 inputs/audio; 4 video out; 4 audio out and a headphone jack.
  • Special effects include strobe, mosaic, PIP, and chroma key.
  • Now includes a photo grabber!
  • 12′ Inflatable Backyard Home Theater Screen (SXL12)


    Create a drive-in experience in your own backyard!

    Outdoor Home Theater Kit features a full-sized, inflatable screen . Watch a movie or the big game.


    • 144 inch Screen
    • Pump, Volume control, Audio cables, Stability tie downs, Ground stakes, Ground cloth, Screen repair kit, Nylon carry bag
    • Compatible with all Projectors (not included)
    • 16X9 Widescreen HD Format
    • Durable Frame and Screen Material
    • Fully Inflates in Just Minutes!