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Large Magic Cleaner Cloth

14.5 x 12″ lens cleaning cloth produced from ultra fine 0.1 denier


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Lens Clean 30ml

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Lens Clean 30ml


Visible Dust Lens Clean is specifically formulated (Alcohol, Ammonia and Detergent Free) to safely remove Finger Prints and Water/Oil based contamination from optical surfaces without streaking.Most Lens cleaning Solutions are alcohol based and Alcohol by itself is not suitable to remove stains/spots and always leave streaks behind. Use Lens Clean with Visible Dust Ultra-Fine Micro fiber Cleaning Cloth or soft lint-free cloth. This 30ml size lens cleaner is small and portable.


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MXD Sensor Cleaning Swabs(1.3X) Green


This ultra thin multi fiber fabric has a patented folding design to create a softer edge compared to a hot sealing process, yet designed to be compatible with a wide range of our solutions (VDust Plus¬ Sensor Clean¬ Smear Away©. The patented mini-channel, with contour, provides an even saturation of the paddles surface while preventing pooling and vertical flow at the edge. This reduces streaks associated with traditional flat surface paddles. The mini-channels also provide the extra reservoir to absorb the excessive liquid and prolong the moisture life of the swab during the cleaning process. For use with the 1.3x sensor size range (20mm). 12 per pack.

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Optix Clean Combo NEW!!!


Optix Clean™ combo includes:

  • Optix Clean™ – 59 ml | 2oz (1)
  • Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth – 320 mm x 380 mm | 12.6 x 15 (1)

Optix Clean™ is a non-alcoholic, non-flammable cleaning liquid formulated to be completely safe for all multi-coated optical surfaces.

Optix Clean™ is a non-residue, streak-free, fast evaporating liquid with superior cleaning power, advantages that sets it apart from all other existing cleaners. It easily removes oil and finger prints from all optical surfaces

such as; binocular lenses, smart phone screens, telescope lenses,

computer screens, camera lenses, mirrors, LCD screens, flat screen TVs

and eyeglasses.

The Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth is a microfiber cloth perfect for cleaning camera optics

such as lenses and viewfinders. The Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth

absorbs dirt, grease and moisture more effectively than natural chamois

leather, leaving a spot-free finish without abrasions.

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Quasar PLUS Sensor Loupe 7X NEW!!


Helping you to clearly recognize dust and other particles on your image sensor, the Quasar Plus 7x Sensor Loupe fromVisible Dust is a fixed-focus magnifier featuring Bright Vue technology and six LED lights that illuminate and help locate spots on a sensor. Benefiting high viewing clarity is the use of extra-low dispersion K9 optical glass, which has been treated with a MgF2 fluorine coating to maintain high resolution, minimize chromatic aberration, and render dust and spots with a 3D quality. Its design also incorporates a 52mm threaded ring to accept optional optical filters or hoods in order to improve viewing conditions and block ambient light. In addition to gaining a magnified view of your image sensor, this loupe can also be used to view negatives, slides, or other small objects.

7x magnification loupe designed for inspecting image sensors and identifying dust particles or other spots.
Bright Vue technology uses six vari-angled LEDs to illuminate the surface for clearer, brighter viewing.
MgF2 fluorine-coated extra-low dispersion K9 optical glass maintains a high degree of viewing clarity and resolution by reducing chromatic aberrations, resulting in a 3D viewing quality.
Integrated 52mm thread accepts optional filters, close-up lenses, or hoods:

  • Amber filters can be used to lessen the blue light, reduce glare, and increase viewing contrast for easier viewing in low-light conditions.
  • Polarizing filters can be used to help better distinguish dust from stains on the sensor.
  • Screw-on lens hoods can be used to block stray light and improve the viewing conditions when working in brighter conditions.
  • A 52mm male-to-male threaded adapter can also be used to attach the loupe to camera lenses for creative photography applications.
Compact design does not have to be mounted to the camera for use.
Loupe is also ideal for viewing negatives, slides, and other small documents.
Two CR2025/2032 lithium batteries are included along with a hard case for protecting the loupe during travel or storage.

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Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe®


Quasar® R Sensor Loupe® Magnifier with Dark Adaptation Technology

What’s Inside

  • Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® with Dark Adaptation Technology (1)
  • CR2032 lithium batteries (2)
  • Foam coated hard case (1)


  • Dark Adaptation Technology (DAT)
  • Seven (7) white and seven 7 red super bright LEDs
  • 67 mm ring for attachment of filters and extension tubes
  • Fluorine coated (MgF2) ED Glass to enhance resolution and reduce chromatic aberration
  • Bright Vue technology to create a 3D representation

As a company based on utilization of scientific knowledge, VisibleDust is proud to introduce an original and innovative device called the Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® Magnifier with Dark Adaptation Technology.

This new device uses Dark Adaptation Technology (DAT) to enhance visual acuity to find dust and stains which are otherwise not visible in the presence of white light. Quasar® R comes with fourteen (14) bright LEDs, seven (7) of which are a unique red LEDs with specially chosen wavelengths to increase visibility of dust particles. At this specific wavelength, the red LEDs cause the iris to dilate the pupil as wide as possible, allowing more light into the eye so that sensitivity in photoreceptors is enhanced several fold. After only a few seconds of the pupil widening, you will be able to see the sensor more clearly, and in greater detail.

Dark Adaptation Technology description

Dark Adaptation Technology allows more light to enter to the pupil of the eye enhancing the ability to see the sensor more clearly.

The Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® Magnifier comes with a 5x magnification ED (extra low dispersion) glass and Fluorine coating (MgF2) to enhance resolution and reduce chromatic aberration.

Another feature of the Quasar® R 5x Sensor Loupe® Magnifier is a 67 mm metal ring allowing filters and extension tubes for alternative photography to be attached.



Filters and tubes usage with Quasar R

The Bright Vue technology used in Quasar® R Sensor Loupe® Magnifier uses seven white or red super bright LEDs with vari-angled orientation specifically designed to create a 3D representation and identify even the smallest spots with heightened eye resolution.

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Smear Away 8ml


If you have a stubborn stain on your sensor that won’t go away then Smear Away is your answer. Specially formulated to protect your sensor as it cleans away oil and grit, Smear Away also provides an anti-static barrier to reduce further contamination. It is recommended to use Smear Away with Visible Dust MXD-100 (green) Sensor Swabs.


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Ultra MXD100 Corner Swabs (16)


Visible Dust (Green) Ultra MXD-100 Corner Swabs are the world’s first DSLR Corner Swab from Visible Dust. Tailored specifically to remove dust build up in those hard to reach places. Compatible with Visible Dust’s full arsenal of wet cleaning solutions. Specifically for cleaning only the corners. Cleaning your sensor has never been easier. 16 swabs per pack.


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Vdust Plus Formula


Visible Dust VDust Plus¬ with its multi ingredients formula, cleans the sensor from all kinds of contamination preventing sensor surface friction and static build up, resulting in crystal clear images. Its anti-friction ability provides a safer and smoother cleaning process reducing potential risk to the sensor. Most alcoholic formulas such as Methanol are designed to remove oil from optical surfaces. However, they are unable to remove or dissolve protein contamination. At the same time they contribute to surface friction and static build up. It is known that during the cleaning process water molecules act as lubricant on the sensor reducing the friction and static built up. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use VDust Plus for its cleaning power and sensor protection. Now shipping in a bigger, 8ml bottle!


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Vdust Plus Formula (15ml) NEW!!


VDust Plus Formula 15ml

If you are unsure as to the nature of a stain on the sensor of your

camera or you get both water and light lubricant stains, VDust Plus™

will fit the bill perfectly. Designed to clean away water and most oil

stains, VDust Plus™ eliminates streaking and provides a moderate static

barrier. VDust Plus™ Formula solution.

All of our solutions are safe
on ITO and non ITO coated sensors.

VisibleDust liquid cleaners (Sensor Clean, VDust Plus and Smear Away)

when used with VisibleDust Sensor Cleaning swabs are safe and effective on

all digital cameras including: Canon, such as the 400D, 40D, 1D MKIII, and 1Ds MKIII, Nikon D300 and D3 and Alpha Sony 700.

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Visi Clean NEW!!!


Visi Clean™ ultra-thin microfiber cleaning cloth
for optics and camera lens –
320 mm x 380 mm | 12.6 x 15  


from ultra fine 0.1 denier microfibers for optimum softness and density

Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth are perfect for cleaning camera optics

such as lenses and viewfinders. These cloths absorb dirt, grease and

moisture more effectively than natural chamois leather, leaving a

spot-free finish without abrasions.

Lens is important and expensive part of digital camera. Sand, dust

and moist from environment are deposited on digital camera leans when

you do pictures outside. To avoid scratches use blower first after that

use special cloth with liquid for optical surfaces without alcohol.

It is recommended to use Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth in conjunction with Optix Clean™ optics cleaning liquid for all multi-coated optical surfaces for a comprehensive optical surface cleaning.

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