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Zee Pro Blower – light blue


Zee Pro Blower – light blue (1), pouch (1)

Zee™ Pro is a voluminous and proven safe bulb blower. It is specially

engineered for delicate and sensitive procedures such as cleaning a

sensor of your digital camera.

Most other bulb blowers don’t have filters hence they act like dust

magnets, picking up microscopic particles from the surrounding

environment and ejecting them at high speeds onto the sensor surface,

creating tiny holes and craters. Ultimately, this is the major cause of

unknown sensor damage. Despite this, «filterless» bulb blowers are

recommended by most manufacturers.

Zee™ Pro has a patented design which includes dual (front and rear)

filters to prevent sensor damage from ejecting microscopic particles.

Our design creates a projectile free, clean air system.

This projectile free, clean air system includes following features:

  • Two filters that placed in the nozzle and the rear end of the device
  • Unique Anti-Dust Repellent Coating which prevents dust from attaching to the exterior and interior of the Zee™ Pro body

This Anti-Dust Repellent Coating gives a «Clean Look» to Zee™ Pro compared to other existing rubber or silicon blowers.

Other advantages of Zee™ Pro includes: standalone upright position,

oval shape design for maximum comfort and ease of use and has an

enlarged body size increasing the air capacity of Zee™ Pro and making it

more efficient, compatible with FlexoDome™ (not included).