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PHOTO-FLO 200 Solution / 16 oz


This 16 oz bottle of Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution is a wetting agent used to minimize water marks or streaks during film development. It is used after the final wash when processing films to decrease the water-surface tension and promote faster, more uniform drying.


KODAK EKTACOLOR RA Developer Starter / 1.2 L bottles Must be purchased in cases of 4


Kodak Ektacolor RA Developer Starter for Color Negative Paper is used to prepare developer tank solution from Ektacolor RA Developer Replenisher, Ektacolor RA Developer Replenisher 12, Ektacolor Prime Developer SP Replenisher LORR, Ektacolor RA Developer Replenisher RT, or EKTACOLOR Digital Developer Replenisher RT. Developer starter is a concentrate that is added to a replenisher to prepare a fresh tank solution in order to produce the same results as those provided by a seasoned tank solution.

Mix solution according to directions on starter label and in accordance with process being used.

Must be purchased in cases of 4


HZEKTACLR RA Bleach-Fix&Repln NR/Part C/ To mak 20 gal


HZ** EKTACLR RA Bleach-Fix & Repln NR/Part C/ To make 20 gal

HZ**–This item is a HazMat item any orders that include Hazmat Items will incur a per box fee over and above the shipping stated.

Kodak Flexicolor Fixer and Replenisher / To Make 25 L


KODAK FLEXICOLOR  Fixer and Replenisher / to make 25 L

  • KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals are supplied as all-liquid concentrates for easy mixing and handling, and in these sizes for the most economical and efficient use in your laboratory
  • Makes 25 L
  • Can be used to make KODAK FLEXICOLOR AR Fixer and Replenisher


DURAFLO RT Developer Sta Starter to make 22 gal.



  • Designed for roller-transport processors
  • Replenished systems
  • Produces fine grain
  • Long storage life
  • Good sheet-film transport
  • Liquid


  • T-MAX 100 / 100TMX
  • T-MAX 400 / 400TMY
  • T-MAX P3200 / P3200TMZ
  • PLUS-X 125 / 125PX
  • TRI-X 400 / 400TX
  • TRI-X 320 / 320TXP


Kodak Duraflo RT Developer Starter is designed to provide moderately fine grain, good process stability, and better resistance to aerial oxidation.

This developer features a hardener to prevent emulsion damage in the first developer tank of a roller-transport processor.

The standard processing recommendations provided produce the maximum improvement in developer characteristics, such as:

  • Moderately fine grain
  • Good process stability
  • Resistance to aerial oxidation.

The alternate processing recommendations will provide advantages to some users who may have systems with high evaporation rates or low utilization. The alternate recommendations use a replenisher and working-strength developer that is 70 percent of the standard concentration.

The replenishment rate is set at a correspondingly higher rate so the net cost per square foot of processed film is the same as with the standard recommendations.

Advantages of the Alternate Recommendations: The higher replenishment rate (143 percent of standard) provides a greater flushing action and keeps the developer tank cleaner.

Development by-products and dissolved silver compounds, which can transfer onto rollers and tank walls, are kept at a lower concentration in the developer tank.

Unlike most developers, this developer provides a more active developing solution at 70 percent of its standard concentration.

This allows a slightly faster machine speed for some films. With some types of film a lower D-min is obtained by using the more dilute developer.

POLYMAX RT Fixer and Rep lenisher / To make 20 L



  • No developer starter required
  • Compatible with fiber-base and resin-coated papers
  • Use as a tank solution and as a replenisher
  • Liquid concentrate
  • Dilute 1:4 for use
  • For machine processing


SDS Working Solution