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DURAFLO RT Developer Sta Starter to make 22 gal.



  • Designed for roller-transport processors
  • Replenished systems
  • Produces fine grain
  • Long storage life
  • Good sheet-film transport
  • Liquid


  • T-MAX 100 / 100TMX
  • T-MAX 400 / 400TMY
  • T-MAX P3200 / P3200TMZ
  • PLUS-X 125 / 125PX
  • TRI-X 400 / 400TX
  • TRI-X 320 / 320TXP


Kodak Duraflo RT Developer Starter is designed to provide moderately fine grain, good process stability, and better resistance to aerial oxidation.

This developer features a hardener to prevent emulsion damage in the first developer tank of a roller-transport processor.

The standard processing recommendations provided produce the maximum improvement in developer characteristics, such as:

  • Moderately fine grain
  • Good process stability
  • Resistance to aerial oxidation.

The alternate processing recommendations will provide advantages to some users who may have systems with high evaporation rates or low utilization. The alternate recommendations use a replenisher and working-strength developer that is 70 percent of the standard concentration.

The replenishment rate is set at a correspondingly higher rate so the net cost per square foot of processed film is the same as with the standard recommendations.

Advantages of the Alternate Recommendations: The higher replenishment rate (143 percent of standard) provides a greater flushing action and keeps the developer tank cleaner.

Development by-products and dissolved silver compounds, which can transfer onto rollers and tank walls, are kept at a lower concentration in the developer tank.

Unlike most developers, this developer provides a more active developing solution at 70 percent of its standard concentration.

This allows a slightly faster machine speed for some films. With some types of film a lower D-min is obtained by using the more dilute developer.