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HZEKTACLR RA Bleach-Fix&Repln NR/Part C/ To mak 20 gal


HZ** EKTACLR RA Bleach-Fix & Repln NR/Part C/ To make 20 gal

HZ**–This item is a HazMat item any orders that include Hazmat Items will incur a per box fee over and above the shipping stated.

Kodak Flexicolor Fixer and Replenisher / To Make 25 L


KODAK FLEXICOLOR  Fixer and Replenisher / to make 25 L

  • KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals are supplied as all-liquid concentrates for easy mixing and handling, and in these sizes for the most economical and efficient use in your laboratory
  • Makes 25 L
  • Can be used to make KODAK FLEXICOLOR AR Fixer and Replenisher


FLEXICOLOR Final Rinse and Replenisher, C-41 / to make 75GAL.


The Kodak FLEXICOLOR Final Rinse and Replenisher for C-41 features redeveloped surfactants to reduce deposits and drying marks on processed color negative films. As a result, both the processed film and the seasoned working tank solution will be cleaner, requiring less maintenance and less frequent dumping of working tanks. This final rinse solution contains no stabilizing agent, which subsequently allows labs to forgo formaldehyde training or do the associated record-keeping required by OSHA guidelines.

This single solution mix makes 50L of working solution.



The FLEXICOLOR SM Tank Fixer from Kodak. You can use this fixer in the C-41SM minilabs tank solutions, small tanks, and tube-type processors without replenishment.


Reversal Bath and Replenisher, Process E-6AR / To make 100 gal


Kodak E6 Processing Chemicals are used provide consistent, high-quality results when processing E6 transparency film, with a variety of processing methods and equipment.

These chemicals are ideal for processing Kodak Ektachrome, Kodak Professional Ektachrome, and Kodak Elite Chrome Films.

Process E-6 requires each of the following chemicals:

  • first developer,
  • reversal bath,
  • color developer,
  • pre-bleach,
  • bleach,
  • fixer, and
  • final rinse.

To mix this reversal bath: use the replenisher at 60 percent of the normal concentration (i.e., if the label instructions indicate 62 mL/L of concentrate, use 37 mL/L.

For in-line dilution replenishment systems, use the chemicals that contain the E-6AR (automatic replenishment) designation. Concentrates are generally packaged in 5-gallon flexible containers.

Process E-6AR, offers lower replenishment rates and reduced effluent.

HZFLEXICOLOR Developer Rep Replenisher/to mak 25 gal


HZ* FLEXICOLOR Developer Rep Replenisher/to make 25 gal

HZ*–This item is a HazMat item any orders that include Hazmat Items will incur a $25.00 per box fee over and above the shipping stated.