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The KSE-250i is the newest film cleaner from Kinetronics. The KSE-250i is designed to clean up to 10″ or 250mm wide. The KSE-250i has electronic ionization, four anti-static brushes and filtered air. The high-tech cleaner has six titanium emitters to create clouds of ions that dissipate static charges on film. Dust and debris are then smoothly whisked off the film, which insures crisp, sharp images and scans.

The KSE-250i is designed for use by digital labs, aerial photographers and fine art photographers. It has been engineered to be a tough “work horse” with a steel cabinet, state of the art low-voltage circuit design and a ball bearing fan. The machine operates on 12 volts DC and uses a universal power supply with input from 90 VAC to 240 VAC in either 50 or 60 Hz. For correct power cord please specify the country of use. The KSE-250i is sold with a one-year warranty.


LENGTH: 14″ or 356mm

WIDTH: 4 1/4″ or 105mm

HEIGHT: 4 1/2″ or 114mm

WEIGHT: 5.3 lbs or 2.4 kg.

SHIPPING WEIGHT: 6 lbs. or 2.75 kg.

10 x 14 Chrome Ferrotype Plate


Solid stainless. Finest quality plates for color or black and white. Duo finish for highest gloss prints.

Print Washer


“21 powerful water jets wash both sides of prints quickly and completely. Agitating water engages and dilutes the hypo, carrying it through the washer and out the opposite side quickly. Accommodates 10 to 12 full-sized prints in one loading. Dimensions: 1

Thermostatic Dryer Twin 12x17in. Chrome Drying Surfaces


“Accommodates one 11″” x 14″”, 2 – 8″” x 10″” or 8 – 4″” x 5″” prints at once on each drying surface. Rapid start. Quick drying. No over-heating. Maximum uniformity of surface heat. Highly polished chrome Ferrotype metal. Dries 30 – 8″” x 10″” single weig

RC Print Dryer – Newly Designed


“Premier’s RC Filter Flow Air Dryer means flat, spotless RC prints; film, too. Black and white or color. Air filter eliminates dust. Thermostatically controlled for optimal drying temperature. Four pull-out shelves have a capacity of 4 – 11″” x 14″” or 8