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MityLite Replacement Lamp ( single lamp )


The Pelican 1904 MityLite 1900 Flashlight Lamp Module is a 2AAA module that is intended as a replacement unit with the Pelican 1900 MityLite Series Flashlight.

The module is a replacement for the Pelican MityLite 1900 Flashlight with a bulb of 1.1 Watts with a three-Volt lamp. The 1904 MityLite 1900 Flashlight Lamp Module produces a seven lumens light beam that can cut through smoke, water, fog and rain.

The 1.1W, 3V laser spot lamp produces 7.0 Lumens beam of light that can cut through water, smoke, fog, and rain.

MityLite 2340 & Super Magnum Lamp Module


This Pelican Xenon Lamp Module is the replacement lamp for the Mitylite #2300 and #2340. The 1.80W, 3V lamp produces 7.0 Lumens beam of light.

Big Ed Xenon Lamp module


This Pelican Lamp Module Kit is the replacement module for Big Ed light #3700. The primary 7.2W, 6V Xenon lamp produces a bright, long distance beam. The back-up lamp is a 4.5W, 6V krypton lamp.

Super PeliLite & Pocket SabreLite 2C Lamp Module


This Pelican Lamp Module is the replacement lamp for Super PeliLite #1800. The lamp is a laser spot Xenon type lamp module.