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HazMat product, subject to additional freight charges.

UnStik™ is a special releasing solvent used to remove artwork from pressure sensitive and heat-assist mounting adhesives. UnStik™ will not damage your paper prints or cause inks to bleed. It can also be used to clean fingerprints and adhesive residue off of artwork without any damage. -32 fl. oz bottles, 



Add the right finishing touch and protect your mounting and framing projects with Bienfang® Finish Guard™ UV Laminating Films. Coated on one side with a permanent adhesive that bonds when heated.
Bienfang® Finish Guard™ UV Laminating Films shield framing and mounting projects against the damage that can be caused by ultraviolet rays. The films are coated on one side with a permanent adhesive that bonds when heated to provide a durable and lightweight alternative to glass. Five distinct finishes let you customize the end result to meet your framing needs. Lustre offers a semi-gloss finish that reduces glare and reflection. Matte provides a soft, non-reflective surface in either a low-gloss satin or higher-gloss ultra finish. Canvas resembles the rich texture of artist’s canvas with a soft sheen and Linen adds a light textural surface, also with a soft sheen. Finish Guard™ UV films are ideal for protecting posters, graphics, photos, prints, portraits, reproductions and other artwork.

8X-LUPE AGFA STYLE BULK BOX OF 378-sold as ea.


KALT  8X-LUPE AGFA STYLE ***BULK***  BOX OF 378-sold as ea.

This affordable loupe features quality optics combined with smart design to magnify your negatives or slides by 8X.



The AGFA 8x Loupe from AGFA is a European 8x power loupe that is ideal for viewing 35mm negatives and slides as well as APS prints.

  • Suitable for general 35mm photographic work

Gripster Knife with Safety Cap – Assorted Colors


X-Acto’s Gripster Knife features a soft rubberized barrel for a firmer, more comfortable grip and better control. Rear blade release makes blade changing safer, easier, and faster.

An aluminum octagonal nut at the base of the barrel provides an anti-roll stop, great for those who work on slanted surfaces. The Gripster is supplied with a#11 blade but will also accept blades #10 through #16.

#10 — For general cutting, carving, correcting stencils. Fits #1 and X2000 knives.

#11 — Extremely sharp point for fine angle cutting and stripping. Fits #1 and X2000 knives. Stainless steel. Also available for bulk purchase in carbonized steel or in a safety dispenser package.

#11 Modified — Similar to #11 blade, but with a broader top for a stronger, more flexible point.

#16 — For stenciling, scoring, etching. Fits #1 and X2000 knives. Available for bulk purchase or in a safety dispenser package.

Peak Loupe 5X


5X Round Stand Magnifier – Aspheric lens for distortion-free viewing on the entire lens area. A powerful 5X aspheric lens is mounted in a pre-focused stand, allowing you to view a 60 mm area. Perfect for viewing color transparencies on a viewer or light box.



RagMount is a heat-activated adhesive with a 100% cotton rag tissue carrier. This is the only adhesive on the market today that is designed for dry mounting Giclee prints. It can also be used in dry mounting digital prints to fine art paper and in traditional dry mounting applications.

Peak Slide Holder and Punch for 2018


Puncher and Holder is a convenient accessory to be fitted to Loupe 8x. It is used for viewing and checking 35mm developed film and color slides. It is non-efficient and troublesome operation to determine the quality of a long roll of film by visual inspection and to affix marks using magic ink or scissors, but if you use a Loupe 8x equipped with this puncher and holder, you can depress the puncher and give a V-shaped cut to the film perforation, while you are viewing the film. Fit its surface, on which a push-button for marking is mounted in a slanted state, to the bottom of the Loupe 8x and you will be able to view and check roll of film. Fit its reverse side, which has grooves for inserting a slide mount, to the bottom of the Loupe 8x and you will able to view and check the slide.