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DMG Dash Pocket LED Kit


The new DMG DASH Pocket LED Kits Feature:

  • SUPERIOR COLOR-MIXING: DMG DASH features Rosco’s patented, six-chip MIX® Technology – enabling it to produce the same color-quality and True Rosco Color™ gel matches that other MIX lights do!
  • CONTROLLED VIA myMIX®: DMG DASH is wirelessly controlled from your mobile device. Use the free myMIX app to select a color temperature, choose a color, or set a light level. Available for iOS and Android.
  • POCKET-SIZED BUT POWERFUL: Don’t let its small size fool you, the battery-operated DMG DASH can produce up to 500 lumens of output – all from a fixture that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • WEATHERPROOF & DURABLE: It takes a thrashin’ and keeps on DASHIN’. DMG DASH is constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy to provide a shock-resistant and weatherproof housing.


DAHLE : DH10672


18″ x 24″ Vantage self healing cutting mat; black

DELTA (CPM) : 9140622

Quick View

DELTA (CPM) : 9140622


2 Telescope 1 Scissor Light Mover System (OVERSIZE)

Gepe Pro : 802425


Gepe Pro replacement lamp 802024, 802425, 802426


GigaPan Epic Pro V The Ultimate panoramic, robotic camera controller with V-Pan & Time-Lapse

  • Automatically capture multi-gigapixel panoramas
  • Use almost any camera and lens combination
  • Accurately take hundreds or thousands of photos
  • Create stunningly detailed, zoomable panoramas
  • Control unit with an intuitive on-board interface
  • Get the only complete solution to capture, stitch, upload, zoom, share, embed, tag, and print ultra-high-resolution images

GigaPan Epic Pro Panoramic, robotic camera controller for larger camera/lens combinations

  • DSLR Compatible EPIC Pro works with almost all DSLR cameras
  • Large lenses are supported Camera & lens combinations of up to 10 lbs can be used
  • Quick set up Easy to secure EPIC Pro to tripod
  • Fits standard tripods
  • Onboard bubble level for horizontal alignment
  • Clear & simple to navigate menu Access frequently-used functions
  • Screen is highly visible with back lit display
  • Strong & durable yet lightweight Excellent design
  • Operation: Motorized
  • Function: Pan / Tilt
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 1 to 10 lbs

GigaPan Epic 100 Panoramic, robotic camera controller for medium size camera/lens combinations

  • Easily adjustable An extendable metal plate accommodates larger cameras
  • Gearing for the pitch is 15
  • More compact, yet robust and durable
  • Redesigned battery tray Easy to remove and refill
  • Improved increased battery life of up to 30%
  • 360 degree panoramic range-of-motion and 60/90 degree tilt range-of-motion
  • Adjustable exposures Time between exposures is adjustable
  • Precision incremental movement/resolution of 0.36 degrees
  • Operation: Motorized
  • Function: Pan / Tilt
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 1 to 10 lbs

GigaPan Epic Panoramic, robotic camera controller for smaller camera/lens combinations

  • Automatically Captures Panoramic Images
  • Works with Most Compact Digital Cameras
  • Includes GigaPan Stitch Software
  • Powered by Six AA Batteries
  • Share Your Panoramas via the Internet

GigaPan EPIC Pro Camera Mount Vice/Clamp

  • Fits Existing EPIC Pro Sliding Rail
  • Arca-Compatible Quick-Release Clamp
  • Side-to-Side Adjustment of Camera
  • Bold Scale for Accurate Positioning

GigaPan Rechargeable 7.2V Ni-MH Battery Pack for EPIC Pro


This GigaPan 7.2 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery is a spare or replacement battery pack for the EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount. It features a 4300mAh

GigaPan Vice/Clamp Foot for EPIC Pro

  • Universal 1/4″-20 Camera Mount Plate
  • Attach Most Cameras to EPIC Pro Bas

GigaPan Epic Pro Battery charger


Charge and Install Batteries Your EPIC Pro will arrive with its battery ready to be charged. There are two ways to charge

Giottos : 080555


Giottos 3E55 Wing Screw to attach stud for support bar

Giottos : 080560


Giottos 3E54 Stud to mount background bar to stand

Giottos : 080565


Giottos 3E46 Replacement 5/8″ reversible mounting stud for stands

Giottos : 080700


Giottos 2116 Replacement locking knob for light stand sections

Giottos : 080800


Giottos Replacement to fasten 80323 backlight column to lock to base




Rodenstock : 260025


Rodenstock Modular Focus Camera Adapter, C-Mount Camera mount

Rodenstock : 261000


Rodenstock display of 30 lens cleaning cloths