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400 W/S Variable Power Pack

The heart and soul of the Novatron system is the power pack. All Novatron power packs are Digital Camera Ready. Novatron produces power packs in five power ratings: 240, 400, 600, 1000, and 1500 watt-seconds. The smaller power packs have fewer capacitors making them lighter in weight and lower in cost. Conversely the larger packs have more capacitors contributing to more powerful flash output and faster recycle times. All our power packs are digital camera ready and have digital camera-safe sync voltage levels €“ one NMI001 sync cord included with every power pack and kit.

In the middle power range we offer two infinitely variable power packs, the V400D and V600D. Designed for the fashion photographer, the V400D power pack is optimized for a 2.5 second recycle time at full power and is fan cooled for a heavy workout. Both of these units feature a single control that sets power output over a 4+ f-stop range.

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