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500 W/S Monolight

The Novatron M500 has two power ranges of 500 watt-secs (HI) and 125 watt-secs (Low) with each range infinitely variable over a 2-1/2 f-stop range. The unit also has an internal slave trigger that may be disabled if desired. The modeling light is switchable permitting full lamp output, lamp fully off, or lamp ratio that tracks the flash power settings. A unique, new feature of these monolights is the addition of a special slide mount that provides convenient adjustment of head position. This makes it possible to maintain perfect balance regardless of whether you are using a 5 foot soft box or no light modifiers at all.

The M500 Monolight comes equipped with a plug-in 700 watt-second flash tube that is color corrected to 5500 degrees Kelvin (daylight), a 250-watt halogen modeling lamp, an 15 foot power cord, a 2032 Reflector, an MI001 sync cord and a 4040 mounting bracket. The lever handle allows the bracket to be tightened more securely with less hand pressure. This bracket has an adapter base which mounts to a standard 5/8″ stud.


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