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Every second gone is possibly a missed opportunity to capture THE SHOT. Don’t waste time, get the HyperDrive. Utilising an advanced DMA (Direct Memory Access) chip that is solely dedicated to data transfer, we are able to built one of the World’s Fastest Portable Storage Device (16MB/s). Transfer a 1GB card in under 2 minutes. This DMA chip allows simultaneous reading/writing of data between the memory card and the internal hard disk, which greatly improves the speed over the traditional “card reader” method of reading from the memory card first and later writing to the hard disk. An advanced software algorithm is also in place to transfer information more efficiently than any other devices.•One of the World’s fastest memory card backup speed (16MB/s) •Faster than most products in the market which may take up to 30 mins to backup a 1GB card (e.g. iPod) •The HyperDrive backups a 128MB card in approximately 10 seconds •Faster than transferring via card reader onto your computer or laptop •Unlike USB OTG (On-The-Go) products that link to cameras via USB ?The HyperDrive does not hold up your camera ?It does not drain your camera battery ?It does not have camera compatibility issues•With its hyper fast transfer, it will backup faster than you can shootSuggested workflowDo you know that the HyperDrive can be clipped at belt level with all slots and controls easily accessible with one hand? Some photographers that shoot extensively (e.g. live sports, fashion show, event photographers) use 2 cards to constantly interchange between the camera and the HyperDrive. While one is being used in the camera, the other is being backed up in the HyperDrive. Because the HyperDrive is so fast, it will backup faster than you can shoot most of the time, so you will always have fresh space for your shots. For added insurance, some professional photographers even back up to 2 separate HyperDrives. They can do that in no time because the HyperDrive is simply so blazingly fast.


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