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BRAUN NovoScan 120 with US Adapter

BRAUN NovoScan 120 with US Adapter

With the new BRAUN NovoScan 120 it is now possible to scan mediumformats fast and directly on a SD-Card.

BRAUN NovoScan 120 is a stand-alone device (no PC required) which you can use every time at any place (AC Power is needed) you are.

The scanner works with a 14 megapixel sensor and stores the images on a SD-Card as JPEG format.

The holder which is sent with the scanner takes the following midformats: 6×4,5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8, and 6×9.

It has never been that easy and fast to scan mediumformat! How? With the NovoScan 120 from BRAUN!


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In stock

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