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Cactus Wireless Flash RF60X

Cactus Wireless Flash RF60X
The Wireless Flash RF60X is a portable flash with a built-in wireless transceiver that supports X-TTL with Cactus V6 II / V6 IIs wireless flash transceiver, high-speed sync / FP mode,* AF-assist and an exclusive Cooling Mode.

Built-in wireless commander and slave

The Cactus RF60X is a 2.4GHz radio-based wireless portable flash
with a built-in transceiver that runs on 16 channels. It operates in
three modes, Local for on-camera operation, Master and Slave modes for
off-camera. To act as a commander, set an RF60X to Master and it can
trigger an unlimited number of RF60X set in Slave mode. The effective
distance between the RF60X Master and RF60X Slave is up to 100m (328

Automatic wireless HSS support

When triggered by a Cactus V6 II / V6 IIs, the RF60X supports
High-speed sync (HSS) / Focal Plane (FP) mode, typically found on a TTL
flash. Controlled from the V6 II / V6 IIs transmitter, the user can
select between Normal HSS, the typical longer pulsing flash with lower
power outputs; or Power Sync, which gives you a boost in flash power.

Quick recharge time

After firing at full power the flash can recycle as quickly as 1.9 seconds.

AF-assist light

Unlike most other portable flash in the market, the AF-assist
Light on the RF60X can also function as an off-camera flash in Slave
mode. The Cactus V6 II turns on the AF-assist Light automatically which
will illuminate your subject and provide extra light to help the camera
lens focus. This is especially useful as the flash is usually placed
closer distances to the subject than the camera.

Cooling mode

By intelligently regulating the recycle time the RF60X runs cool
all the time. This industry exclusive feature allows the flash to
sustain a steady performance even after consecutive full power flashes.
You can now shoot without the restriction of an overheat cut-off.

Remote control of power and zoom levels

power levels of the RF60X set in Slave mode can be adjusted from 1/128
to 1/1 full power in steps of 0.3EV. Zoom level can also be controlled
from a wide 24mm zoom to 105mm. With remote power and zoom control, you
can place the RF60X units in hard-to-reach places and control its power
and zoom level wirelessly.

Group control of up to four groups with configurable Group Alias

a typical lighting setup, the ability to adjust, activate and
deactivate groups of lights is vital in creating the desired lighting
effect. The RF60X can be configured into four distinct groups. Power
output can be adjusted in individual group or in all groups at the same
time for fast adjustments. To streamline the shooting experience, user
can rename each group to: KEY, FILL, SPOT, RIM, HAIR, LEFT, RIGHT, BACK
and FRONT.

Optical Slave with delay feature

RF60X has a built-in optical sensor. The optical sensor captures
pre-flash signals that are being emitted earlier than the flash sync. By
setting the pre-flash optical trigger and the delay timer, you can set
the exact time for the flash to start firing. This allows the RF60X to
do not only first-curtain and second-curtain sync (also referred as
front and rear curtain), but to fire at any given point of the image.

Multi-flash feature

Multi mode, a rapid series of flashes is fired to capture multiple
images of a moving subject in a single frame. This feature is available
in all three flash modes so its users can create the desired effects
with both on and off camera flash.

Compatible with other Cactus devices

power and zoom level on RF60X Slave units can be controlled by an RF60X
Master, RF60 Master, as well as Cactus V6, V6 II, and V6 IIs Flash
Transceiver. Cactus V5 also supports basic flash triggering on the RF60X
but does not support power and zoom level control on the RF60X.

Notes on compatibility:

  • Cactus RF60X is compatible with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8.
    However, due to special timing requirements by the camera, when
    triggered by a Cactus V6 II, the RF60 only supports HSS up to 1/1,000s.
    (Updated: September 1, 2016);
  • High-speed sync is supported when RF60X is triggered by a Cactus V6 II or V6 IIs on a compatible camera.
  • Camera(s) tested that does not support high-speed sync modes when the RF60 is triggered by the Cactus V6 II:

    – Nikon D600 (Updated: January 24, 2017)


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