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Edge Generations Paper E (fine-grained, lustre) BULK 10″ x 305′ Roll

Kodak Ektacolor Edge Generations Paper is an exceptional color negative paper for making color prints from color negatives.

Its advanced emulsion technology delivers enhanced color reproduction and superior image stability.

This paper provides exceptional color reproduction and image stability. Combine this with their versatility for both optical and digital photofinishing operations.

Edge Generations Papers deliver superior color saturation, color that sets you apart from the crowd with impact and consumer appeal, and with a state of the art level of image permanence.

Edge Paper offers exceptional optical and digital silver-halide performance, with unparalleled image accuracy, crisp clear text reproduction, and rich compelling colors.
Enhanced flesh tone reproduction, for consistent, natural-looking skin tones
Kodak Papers provide exceptional image stability.

Whether you store your prints in albums, shoe boxes, or frames, advanced emulsion technology ensures the bright, sharp colors of Kodak Papers will last for generations.


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