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Flash Flip VF – (VertiFlash)

The FlashFlip VertiFlash allows for horizontal and vertical shots keeping the flash high and centered above the lens. In the vertical mode, the user's hand is “on top” of the camera; the natural and most popular way to shoot verticals. With the flash high above the lens, shadows are cast behind the subject and not visible in the photograph. This eliminates red-eye and harsh side shadows. Heavier bracket holds larger pro digital SLR or medium format cameras. For use with any digital or film camera with off-camera flash capability. The ultra-steady platform base allows the user to stand the entire assembly up (camera, flash and bracket) for easier access and more stability. Base also has more surface area for mounting larger cameras like medium format or digital SLR’s with large bases. Includes locking shoe and 1/4-20 flash mounts. All metal construction, light and compact. Made in USA.


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In stock

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Weight 1.65 lbs
California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING