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FLEXICOLOR Developer Replenisher LORR / To make 25 gal

Kodak Flexicolor Chemicals, Process C-41, are for processing Kodak color negative films such as Kodak Professional Porta Films, as well as and other manufacturers’ films.

These chemicals are supplied in all-liquid concentrates for easy mixing, and designed for optimum results in all types of processors.

One of each of the following chemicals is needed to complete the process:

  • Kodak Flexicolor Developer
  • Kodak Flexicolor Bleach III
  • Kodak Flexicolor Fixer & Replenisher
  • Kodak Flexicolor Stabilizer III & Replenisher

Flexicolor Developer Replenisher LORR (C-41) bottle to make 25 gallons. This developer offers you the same performance as Kodak Flexicolor Developer Replenisher except with lower replenishment rates.

This has many benefits for your lab developer effluent discharge reduction of approximately 50 percent, less chemical mixing, and lower cost per square foot of film processed.

Processor utilization is not a factor; you can use Flexicolor Developer Replenisher LORR at any utilization level. Primarily recommended for use in continuous processors.

Note: C-41RA film process cycle is the shortest of the Process C-41 cycles and the one most commonly used in minilabs.

Use Kodak Flexicolor Bleach RA Bleach Replenisher NR and Kodak Flexicolor RA Fixer and Replenisher in this cycle. It requires special equipment, higher agitation. Intended to be a washless cycle.

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