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FS700 Shooter

The FS700 Shooter is a compact, stable rig for FS700 users. The kits starts with our Mini Baseplate (standard 3/8 16 and ¼ 20 tripod mount underneath) with 12″ rods. The rods can slide back and forth to accommodate different lenses and accessories by flipping the red levers at the side of the plate. Our comfy shoulder pad also slides on the rods for comfort and ease of use. A 7lb weight sits behind the shoulder pad for counterbalance. Attached to the front of our rods is our FS700 Grip Relocator. The Zacuto FS700 Grip Relocator attaches to the 15mm rod with Zacuto Zwivel technology. The handle can be swiveled up and forward or straight down for individual comfort. The FS700 handle screws into the Relocator with a ¼ 20 screw and is secured in place with a standard Arri rosette. Moving camera controls to the handle means the kit can be shorter and the camera can be a little further back on your shoulder which helps with stabilization and weight distribution. The Sony removable grip features four easy-to-use buttons including Start/Stop, Photo, 4x/8x expandable focus, and push-button auto iris. The Sony grip comes with a 12 cable.


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