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International Pop-Up Power Plug Travel Set -Plugs for over 11 countries

Portable Plug Set for International Travel

Model SIP-3

Don’t get caught with the wrong prong! Get the International Travel Plug Set from Sima

Sima’s new international plug set, model SIP-3, takes the hassle out of getting connected in countries around the world. The compact travel plug set includes connectors for power outlets in America, Australia, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, the Middle East, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Best of all, the pieces nest together into a single, sturdy unit that conveniently pops into a purse, backpack, carry-on bag, or pocket.


• Adjustable prong sets for U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Caribbean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands.
• A universal receptacle for Europe, U.S., and Australia
• A UK receptacle for United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore
• Click here to check country compatibility


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