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Kamerar BIG Foldable Video Slider PSL-40 (40″/100cm) (OVERSIZE)

Kamerar BIG Foldable Video Slider PSL-40 (40″/100cm)

Yes, Size Does Matter.

Custom designed from the ground up, a unique rail
system exclusively manufactured by Kamerar. Our new ‘BIG Slider’ offers a
wider rail than typical narrow track video sliders. The wide rail
design and wide spread bearings are placed underneath a wide trolley
platform to offer premium stability while tracking your shots.

Sturdy and Lightweight.

We’ve trimmed the fat to make the Kamerar BIG
Slider a lean mean tracking machine. Large slots are strategically cut
out from the BIG Slider to minimize the overall product weight while
still retaining overall structural integrity. With an overall length of
39″ inches the BIG SLIDER weighs only 4.7lbs (2.1Kg).

Quick Stance

A simple action with the Kamerar BIG Slider quickly
deploys both legs in complete unison. Our unique folding leg design
uses metal gears meshed together for rapid setup. When it’s time to pack
away, there are no extra parts to disassemble or lose. The BIG Slider
also comes with a custom padded carry bag.


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