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The KineStat is available for 120 and 4×5 film. The KineStat is built of solid steel. It removes static and dust easily with the Kinetronics StaticWisk brushes. These special brushes effectively neutralize static and whisk away dust. Two adjusting screws allow precise brush adjustments. Features a GC-12 grounding cord to provide additional grounding, especially important in long roll film applications. Installation is relatively simple. Each unit has been designed for mounting at any angle for best performance. Four holes in the base are provided for permanent mounting. Rubber feet are attached on each unit. A magnetic strip, foam tape or velcro may be used to mount the KineStat. Maintenance is simple and easy. The easiest way to keep your KineStat clean is to vacuum the brushes to remove built-up dust and dirt. Because the KineStat brushes are hand sewn with stainless steel wire, they can even be washed in shampoo and water. KineStat is one of the best investments you can make in your darkroom for top-notch professional prints.


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