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Linhof Technikardan 23S

  • Front and rear standards rotate 90 degrees, parallel to the rail, making the camera flat and more compact for easy transport
  • Vertical/Horizontal back with grid groundglass
  • Accepts standard Technika 45 style lensboards
  • Studio camera features in a field camera size


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The Linhof Technikardan 23S is aimed at the discriminating hobby and professional photographer using rollfilm formats only. It is a fully adjustable midsize view camera with a Linhof Quicklock 23 type groundglass back. The rear standard allows the use of any of the Linhof type 23 viewing accessories. The front standard accepts the popular Technika 45 type lensboards. Its wide-angle lens capabilities allow the use of lenses 47mm and longer without recessed lensboards. The goal of its designers was to have studio camera features in a field camera size with interchangeable bellows, center swings and tilts with zero click stops, triple extension monorail, and precision-machined dovetail fittings for all movements which are positively secured with color-coded locks for smooth, rapid operation.

Dimension in transport position
Length: 125 mm, Width: 165 mm, Height: 210 mm

Weight, camera without lens: 2800 g

Maxim. camera extension (lens to film plane): 340 mm

Minimum camera extension with wide angle bellow: 48 mm

Direct parallel shifts
Front – up / down: 50 mm up
Rear – up / down: 50 mm up

Direct lateral shifts
Front – left / right: 31 / 25 mm
Rear – left / right: 31 / 25 mm

Central horizontal-axis tilt
Lens tilt – front, Screen tilt – rear: Limited only by bellows
reference scales ± 10°

Vertical axis swing of front / rear standard: 360°
reference scales: ± 15° front and rear

Weight 25 lbs
California customers: Proposition 65 WARNING