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Novatron flash heads demonstrate the most efficient flash emission available in the industry. Each head is subjected to 100% quality checks at each step of fabrication and assembly. The fully assembled heads are, again, 100% tested under load for a minimum of 100 firings as a final inspection. Novatron flash tubes are color corrected to a color temperature of 5500 degree Kelvin (daylight). Novatron flash heads come in two categories, un-switched and switched. To avoid damage, switched heads must not be used in the stop-down mode without at least one other head set to full power. Damage of this nature voids the warranty. All standard line heads including 2140-C, 2120-C, 2110-C, 2105-C, and 2100-C, come factory equipped with a 6-1/2″ fixed high efficiency parabolic reflector and factory replaceable flash tube. All Novatron standard line flash heads are configured with our 4045, 5/8″ adapting mounting brackets. The brackets used in heavy duty applications such as large soft boxes may benefit by the use of the optional 4049 locking heavy duty handle kit which replaces the tilt knob with a 3-1/2″ handle.

The 2140-C is a 3-way switching flash head that contains the controls to independently ratio the flash and modeling lamp at full, -1 stop, or -2 stops. This flash head cannot be switched fully off. It’s equipped with a 100 watt modeling lamp, a 25-foot power cord, and a 4045 mounting bracket.


Maximum Watt/Seconds 1000 w/s *
User Replaceable Flashtube No **
Changeable Reflector No
Circuit Protection No
Cable Length 25′
Modeling Light Wattage 100W, 120V
Modeling Light On/Off Switch Yes
Protective Glass Dome No
Fan Cooled No
Dimensions 5 x 7″ (12.7 x 17.8 cm) with built-on reflector
Weight 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Note: Damage will result if you use this head by itself with the D1500 Power Supply @ full power.
This action would also void the warranty.


Item Includes

1000 w/s UV coated built-in Flashtube
100 W screw-in Tungsten Modeling Light
25′ head cable
Built-in reflector

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


User Manual

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In stock

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